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I came across the original vids but didn't have time to watch or put on site; someone beats me to the disclosure; which is a nice change <g>

Note, if you've not read it so far, this BOOK, is a good basic intro to DISINFORMATION, in the alien field; published earlier (much, and I can't pull it using SEARCH, which is somewhat INTERESTING) on this website... I included it again here, BEFORE the main enchilada: note, covers ALIEN GRAYS, in detail.

UPDATE; the page I couldn't find:

"Grey ETs (Extraterrestrials) are the most

common ET or alien reported in contactee and abductee encounters. So who or what are they? In eyewitness accounts, grey ETs (aka gray ETs, grey, grays) are typically described as around 40 inches (100cm) tall, with almond-shaped heads large relative to the rest of their bodies. Some are described as having large eyes, small noses and small mouths, although as you can see in the picture to the right, some have large mouths too. This is the incredible story of John Edmonds, a man who was reluctantly drawn into the world of aliens when he purchased an Arizona ranch that – unbeknown to him – was already the site of visitations from other-worldly or other-dimensional entities. Although he had appeared on Coast to Coast radio in 2009, John recently came forward to Project Camelot (Kerry Cassidy) in 2 interviews (here and here) to tell the fuller story of how he came to deal with the grey ETs invading his ranch – including fighting them in self defense.

ufo john edmonds project camelotA Social Worker and Rancher Becomes A Contactee

John Edmonds’ story is an astonishing one, even for those already involved in UFO and alien research. John claims that he has been undergoing continuous encounters with grey ETs for around 19 years, ever since he bought his ranch, which he has called Stardust Ranch. He has impressive proof too: a collection of numerous photos, videos and even samples of extraterrestrial body fluid. During the 2nd of the Project Camelot interviews, a UFO appeared in the sky right near his ranch (image on left). In this video excerpt (embedded above), you can see the proof yourself; a tiny grey ET pokes its head around the corner at the 1:31 mark.
John has had to deal with these visiting grey acting in a very hostile manner towards him and his animals, killing 3 of his dogs and mutilating other animals. John has had to defend himself against these grey ETs who have caused physical harm to him and his wife, often appearing at night while they were sleeping.

Fighting Grey ETs in Self Defense"



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