Wednesday, 16 March 2016


A few crucial updates, from Jim Stone (ex-NSA, fled the USA, over the border, into Mexico) {note may currently be dying after an assassination (poisoning)?}.

"Dancing Israelis

The five dancing Israelis of 911 took pictures and video of the entire event, and also of the first plane impact. This proves they had foreknowledge and guess what? They were quickly released to go back to Israel, and on top of that THE FBI DESTROYED THE PICTURES AND VIDEO THEY SHOT. Now, why would the FBI do that?

Domestic Terrorism on the American People Will Start Immediately After Trump's Election

This is getting posted everywhere, and I have my doubts. However, since it has become so popular, I am going to put it up.

Dave Hodges interviewed the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, about the Trump phenomenon. Both men are in agreement that, unless Trump is assassinated, he will likely win the Presidency. At that point, the liberal left, including the government, the corporations and the media will launch domestic terror attacks against the American people
America has not seen this much volatility since the Civil War. The liberal left (ie the banking cartels) are not going to give up their kingdom. They will kill millions of Americans if they have to. Their Cloward and Piven strategies include starting World War III, launching a series of false flag attacks upon the people of the US and they will surely declare martial law and send millions to FEMA camps.

This is a stunning interview which needs to be circulated widely. Listen to Dave Hodges and Mike Adams by clicking here. This will come in as an MP3 file, and it is a good listen."

Also worth a read:

"March 12 2016

New secret society method against trump

Trump had to cancel the Chicago rally in the final hour last night and I believe I know why:

My guess: The same Soros funded rioters that showed up in Ferguson are now being paid to go after Trump. Remember, the mayor of Ferguson clearly stated several times that the rioters were not from Ferguson, and that they had been brought in from somewhere. These are thugs for hire, they stage false flag riots everywhere, will be violent, and were probably beyond a doubt used on Trump last night.

It probably was a good idea for Trump to have cancelled the rally, because reports state that several thousand of these violent protesters showed up and that the police figured out they were going to storm the stage. If they did, they would probably have killed Trump. It does not matter if the Soros club crashes Trump's plane via remote, or shoots him in the head with a bullet, or gets him crushed under a paid mob, their mission will be accomplished even if Trump chokes to death on a twinkie.

Now, Trump has said a few things I do not like, however, there are a couple key things with Trump that make him, in my opinion, the only viable candidate. 1. He is not a member of a secret society. 2. He is honest. The cabal cannot allow an honest man to set foot in the white house for even an hour. If an honest man who actually cares about the country (and Trump does) ever sets foot in the white house, head will roll and the people who have hijacked this country will face dire consequences.



All my assertions about the radiation being "immeasurable" at Fukushima, just like Tepco said day 1 when reactor 3 was blown to the sky and was subsequently shut up because that did not fit the official story, ALL THOSE ASSERTIONS are now proven true. Remember, According to the Jewish press, from day one all the way through the first three years it was "all just a little loose Hydrogen" exploding, and no radiation escaping because in a BWR system that is all that is possible in a worst case scenario. What happened in reality proves cold hearted sabotage and weaponry spelled the doom of Fukushima, and it could have easily destroyed Japan entirely if the wind was not blowing out to sea.If a BWR is suddenly shut down (which all 4 reactors did before the tsunami arrived) everything bad that can possibly happen will happen within the first 4 hours, and it is practically impossible for anything bad to happen. The fact that there were explosions days later proves sabotage, thanks to an always on internet connection to reactor 3 (that was not authorized by Tepco) that fed to Dimona Israel. Add the Stuxnet virus to the mix and it all becomes obvious. For the details, read the Fukushima report, linked at the top of this page."


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