Monday, 28 March 2016

[CRUCIAL] [MUSTREAD] Conversation about mirrors & MOR

Following some encrypted discussion about something seen in the video featured in the earlier post on 26 March 2016, I just received the most amazing communication from another member of this website, who asked me to share it with you.

Me: 20:23 27Mar2016:
I am intrigued by what I see in the mirror from about 19 seconds in, because there is an object moving in the reflection, and the object that comes out of space above the TV is moving in the same trajectory, as if the mirror was allowing me to see into the other dimension before it appeared in the "real" dimension.

Me: 20:30 27Mar2016:
Do mirrors do this? I am reminded of the idea that vampires (or werewolves?) avoid going near mirrors because humans are able to see what they are, in the mirror.

The reply to this came, in the early hours. Here is what I woke up to.

05:11 28Mar2016 :
yes they use mirrors to move through completely. have you ever watched the video of the lift in the death of ELISA LAM
in the video they are using the mirror in the lift to enter the lift in stealth with her. before they enter the lift, there is a cloaked alien in the lift with her as she is doing the ritual and he is 'keying codes' into the keypad in the lift. she then keys codes into the lift keypad then carries on with the ritual in motion. she is not emitting energy rings like i do myself. i dont know anyone else that does to be honest.

but i can see around her a platinum sort of energy that the orbs the in stealth aliens are firing at her (im supposing these are the death rays that ive read about) that are attaching to the platinum sort of energy (possibly nano energy or scala energy that has been given to her ???) she was working in one of the advanced tech labs owned by bill gates plus other private investors, and i have no doubt they used mku sort of tech on her so they could do this to her and sacrifice her.with the advanced tech they had laced her with before they did, still attachedalso research the hotel and you will see how they have already prepared it for satanic use in soul entrapment rituals and used a very evil satanic used leyline to do the sacrifice on. i have absolutely NO DOUBT at what they did here and also WHY.

anyway i have a picture that i know they were after stealing back from me that shows these spider aliens in it and how they are working the technology of soul entrapment. in the transmission studiosi have put it on twitter but shall remove it before i share it with the ringed details you all (i know other etherics will see it too as i always thought these animal creatures were ghosts until i have looked into the alien side of things)this is the link for the youtube video of elisa lam in the lift.
ive got loads of research and information on this very evil and sad death if people need to use it. but i can see what they have done and with my very deep knowledge of magic and how they do soul entrapment etc and how they use energy in the future too, as well as my knowledge of 1st and 2nd reichfrom my own akaishic records plus visits from the time travellersand other aliens
the good ones

the ritual of her drowning into the tank, her body would have interacted with the water in the tank and her blood too and they will have drank this through the hotel system and also used the water to use in advanced water contamination experiments with her energy that they manufactured through the ritual and triggered, in that ritual that they also triggered using the symbology to tap into her aural soul energy.i completely understand energy and how they are using it in the rituals and everything. people think im lying and talking crap. i was dragged back here in a black magic ritual myself performed by alistair crowley and believe me i did not want to come back to help at all. i truly am house of david. and 3rd energy in existence at all. im fuming ive been dragged here at all. and i am not happy that ive only been dragged back to have people take the piss and rubbish what i am saying. it seems the only people who really want to know my information are the rothschilds and if others do not listen to me they have no one to blame but themselves for what happens in the future. really really terrible the 4th reich plans never mind the bloody 5th ones !!!! before they attempt to blow the planet up.
theyve already done it to venus and neptune in this galaxy alone and that is why both those planets spin anti clockwise. really really you never want to find out how they did that to them !!!!

and also as well, betelguese was their station before in the orions belt and i blew it up. they will try to keep my soul here to do the same to this planet and use me. im not schizophrenic. i am not mentally ill. i brought this knowledge with me and if i could have spoken when i was first born i would have climbed to the rooftops and shouted all my knowledge then !!!!sorry if i seem grrrr but i got brought back for the pedos to use against you all and if no one want to believe me or listen, THEY WILL DESTROY YOU ALL. and i really am not joking about that one !!!!!!!!]#
i said i would never ever ever ever help earth again after they tortured me to death the last time i was here. and i swore to creator never to ask me to ever help again. he asked me for over 2 and a half thousand years. and i said NO. i know who i am. if they want to lock me up for being myself then so be it i will let them and they will just fuck you all over. they do not care about anything or anybody. and ALL THE ALIENS who are not speaking to anyone on this planet, who are up there silently watching, they will not intervene if i am killed. who am i?

i am 3rd energy in existence ever out of the trinity. not MKU as i can fight them completely and let pple know when they are doing it to me. jason has already told me they are listening. NIGEL (negel in past) is NOT EVIL. the fallen angels have always been fighting these nasty pieces of work. we know exactly how they work.they have already totally destroyed one universe and we saved what we could there. this galaxy is completely closed off as they are not sacrificing yet another universe in their attempt at being in control of creation and life itself. people do not want to believe me and think im talking rubbish. on their own heads be it because i will definitely never come back here a 3RD time.
sorry about the grrr in history and i hope i have not offended you. but too many people are more concerned about being easily offended instead of listening and wanting to unite to not only free the planet but save it !!!!

and i think such triviality is so unbelievable !!!!! with what is at stake !!!! they can be offended all they like with NO HOME to live on cant they !!!!
even selfish does not describe them. and if i get locked up because im telling the truth of things then those that let it happen will be dealt with severely. i really do know this. they have no idea (but those in control really DO) and they will let all the minions do their dirty work for them for MONEY. its disgusting !! and a few years ago when i was just being told im mentally ill ....being controlled....etc.....i thought to know what? fuck it !! i will be dead before im 50 anyhow and i will just take all my knowledge with me and do 1.

that is why they have been deliberately time travelling me because those who DID manage to escape from what was happening, and i was brought here to be tortured to death, so they could steal my codes, (that have been changed so many times now its unreal and they will never succeed again using me in their disgusting experiments !!) i too have agreements with species (good aliens) across millions of universes and THEY are protecting ME. there are over 400 motherships alone in cloak in this galaxy. and they are on stand by to obliterate everything here if it fails in this time line. those creatures doing this to you all they have no where else to go except to the planets that we have already taken control of and won the wars there.
talking rubbish?? if im talking rubbish then how come the time travellers have been coming to me IN THE FLESH and the aliens too through the dimensions, to fight the bad aliens attacking me along with me, and have told me that they are planning to blow up the planet and doing it NOW. yes this is very serious. i KNOW. i dont want my knowledge to die with me but i dont want it being used to keep the paedophiles in.

they HAVE to GO. And i said before i came back that i would not help again and that the stupid people could deal with their own fate and die. the good aliens are already dealing with the rot that has already left the planet. but there are LOADS HERE because their portal channels have been closed down and they cannot travel anywhere else except the 2 other planets that we have already dealt with and they are as we are speaking passing earth in what looks like asteroids. that is the remains of them. i obliterated betelguese and that station is gone and can never be used again. also there is another one, that is completely caged off and locked down. as is earth until this is dealt with.

another one we dealt with the remains of it has been coming down as asteroids. they were motherships they had designed to work in stealth disguised as planets that were moving in stealth uncloaking only when they had more tech they stole from other planets they invaded to bring here, mars and saturn, and to use to bring in those robotic monsters that only got as far as betelguese and we have finished them off as you can see !!!!! and other ones too in orions sytem. we have saved as much of that galaxy as we could but we made sure we got them there. and it has already freed millions of universes. who are now part of the greater coalition, not the controlled one they are leading people to believe is here !!!!this is why they are not speaking with anyone from earth. they are communicating with me and they are communicating with nigel too. he is completely in cloak and safe. the time travellers already know i am telling the truth. the reason the AD was inserted 200 years after my torturous death was because that is the only way the energy timelines could be married together to enable the undoing of their evil plans. and as you ALL KNOW they even commandeered that to gain total control again
if that history of evil is not enough to show you their intentions, and what they are really up to, it was totally ignored before and rubbished by them publicly, then i do not know what else can show you how evil they already were and are !!

i will help the good fighters. and i will share my information and knowledge but i will not be used to bring about destruction. and add to more species being killed off, including HUMANS. because already they are bringing through as you all know now....the humanoids.the TIs. and yes.....its real. time people woke the fuck up to what your lovely controllers have got planned for your grandchildren !!!you think its bad now being controlled and watched ?? wait until the 4th reich comes in and they are even using the very pavements and grass and all of the nature around you to completely control you through as remote controls and they can leave planet again and remote control you from space through the satellites. with long running programmes. just to keep you all working for them in building their super indestructable armies to take elsewhere to conquer and enslave planets.i was ignored the last time. murdered. and rubbished. history?? you have no idea about the REAL TRUTH at all.
they have hidden it so completely from you all.

they have been dealt with. you can see the evidence of that truth with your own eyes after i left planet over 35000 years ago.if im going to be treated like some nicompoop fantasist, i shall just leave planet when i die and i shall never ever look back or help again. ever. they already know this YOUR MASTERS as do i.its why i was dragged back by black magic to be forced to help. own people have come after me after my kidnapping by those bastards and i swear.....i can never be destroyed in soul energy ever. ever!!!! the reason the time travellers are here in this time line too is because they too know IM TELLING THE TRUTH. my arrival had to be this time line through the time and energy math alterations to marry the energy. and bring the dimensions back together after the fuckers split it in the future.
which is the current timeline

if you want to think im talking shit.....then by all means ask your true alien contactees who are telling the truth as well, and they will confirm it. the good ones do not want to see another planet or universe lost either. and certainly not more life. you can already see what they are doing. and planning. did you know there are two ZIONIST groups in existence? how the hell do i KNOW THAT then???i will share my knowledge. and i want to help you but i do not want my info getting into the wrong hands.please share this chat with all involved in this mess. i know the earthly angels are on here and we can chat safely
also please share with jason etc too. im sorry if i seem GRRR but i have no doubt if the time travellers have contacted any of you too, that they will have already warned you that i was pretty pissed off when putting the jigsaw pieces back together.

love and peace to you all no matter what happens. this really is the cusp time of whether i share my knowledge or not. and depending on whether people want to know or not.....that really is their decision. as jason said....i cant force people to listen. !!! and i will respect deaf ears if that is what they want to be doing. there are already channels infiltrated where disinformation is being given. and their agents are spreading the word and have been for years in their cabal evil circles to bring in their evil. i will never help again after this moment if that is what people want.i dont even need to be telling you how evil they are. believe me, this is nothing compared to what they have got planned ahead for you all.
will be back later x

That's all, folks. Be careful, it's dangerous out there.


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