Saturday, 26 March 2016


And so my strategy seems to be working ... more BULLETS at the HEADS of TRAITORS = our ONLY chance to get FUKUSHIMA cleaned up, and what DO we have here NOW THEN, NOW THEN, NOW THEN, but the FIRST WORKING RADIATION CLEANUP TECH **IN  USE**! HOORAY!

"Fukushima’s Dark Secret: Keshe Tech

By Ian Greenhalgh on March 24, 2016
If there was any lingering doubt this stuff actually works it was just crushed
… by Ian Greenhalgh

VT readers will be well aware of the work of Keshe and his Foundation by now; some may remain skeptical about ‘Free Energy’ due to an education in a model of physics that was falsified by the deliberate omission of the ‘aether’ from all ‘accepted’ theories and models to the extent that anyone who delved into any research of the aether was ridiculed and sidelined, academics steered well clear in fear of ruining their careers – even those with tenure.

Today we received news which reminds us that Keshe’s work and the technology derived from it is about much more than just ‘free energy’ and has implications and possibilities that could be truly world transforming.

Readers will no doubt be aware of the poisoning of the ocean by the still leaking Fukushima-Daichi nuclear reactor; this is a very worrying situation not just for the people of Japan or the Pacific Rim but in global terms.

Therefore, news that Keshe’s GANS technology is being used by Tepco to clean and purify the radioactively contaminated water is very welcome indeed."



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