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And so in the hope subscribers are RACING through previous posts, VAST numbers of previous posts, and have reached and listened to the PROGRAMMABLE LIFE-FORMS UK DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency) authorised Whistleblower Barry ...

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


a disclosure given WELL OVER TWENTY YEARS AGO ...

"Organic Robotoids are real" by Dr Peter Beter

And if that wasn't WILD enough ... from the comments, thereto, snipped of extraneous:

 "Henry the Horse Carousel 3 months ago

Thanks. Do you know if he is still alive? 

rob balison 3 weeks ago

+Henry the Horse Carousel dr BETER died in 1987

Henry the Horse Carousel3 weeks ago
Thanks for the info. Curious if suspicious circumstances. 

rob balison3 weeks ago

yes he was murdered in a parking lot in have to read the Dr. Beter audio notes they are many pages i have them if ya would like to read.."

And of course, me, being me, I just couldn't resist <g>

"censorednewsnow1 second ago
+rob balison I'd like to receive those note, yes yes, I would; please get hold of me via twitter @ censored news now (all one word)"

And if you DARE:

"uhadme8 months ago
watch anime called Neon Genesis Evangelion.. exposes Project Eva, a US funded study conducted in Germany to develop synthetic humans.. it was successful.
There is a patent for this technology.. in the wording synthetic humans are called "molecular machines".  if you have ever seen Disney's 3D replicator.. makes a plastic army man image of you.  something like that on full scale. watch the intro to the anime.. it shows the vats with peptides, amino acids.. etc.. they solidify the liquid with lasers.. to form a living human.. it ages.. not actual plastic robot.. actual synthetic human.. that means exact replica.. ages, eats, learns.. a complete replica of a human."

"Peter Beter1 year ago
All peter beter audio on this channel:
Playlist about dr peter beter robotoids: Dr Peter Beter: The Discovery of Robotoids And The Replacement of Jimmy Carter

Robert Dean exposes Humanoids within the Government

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Reptilians, Organic Robotoids & Synthetic People Christina Aguilera


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