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Too significant to miss:

"North Korea Orders Nuclear Weapons Made Ready for Use! China Says "North Korea has signed its own Death Warrant"

Atomic Explosion
Post by Newsroom  - Mar 03, 2016

 North Korea Orders Nuclear Weapons Made Ready for Use!  China Says "North Korea has signed its own Death Warrant"

UPDATED 9:45 PM EST - See Bottom -- North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Friday (Korean Time GMT +8:30) ordered the country's nuclear weapons to be made ready for use at a moment's notice.

He also said the communist country will revise its military posture so it can be ready to carry out pre-emptive attacks, stressing that the current situation has become very precarious, according to the Korean Central News Agency.

The announcement comes a day after the United Nations Security Council passed a new sanctions resolution penalizing the country for its fourth nuclear test and long-range missile launch earlier in the year.

In a far more ominous and staggering development, China's Senior Representative to the "Six Party Talks" on settling issues involving North Korea, stated publicly "North Korea has signed its own death warrant."


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Also on the nuclear news front:

“Uncontrollable radioactive flow” coming from nuclear plant near NYC — Actual releases are “trillions of times” higher than reported during latest leak — Cracks in multiple spent fuel pools — Intense investigation underway to see if it can be stopped (VIDEO)

Finally STATS coming in, that were never COLLATED before:

"Nearly a third of female rape victims are girls aged under 16, new figures indicate.

The findings emerged as the first detailed breakdown of the age and gender of victims of alleged sexual offences recorded by police were published.

Experimental data, published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and based on statistics from 13 forces in England and Wales, showed that in the 12 months to March last year:

• Three in 10 (30%) female rape victims were aged under 16, a quarter (25%) were 14 or younger and nearly one in 10 (9%) were nine years old or under.

• Rape victims of both sexes were most likely to be aged between 15 and 19.

• Half of female victims of other sexual offences, such as assaults, grooming and sexual exploitation, were girls aged under 16.

Sarah Green, of the End Violence Against Women Coalition, said the statistics were “truly alarming”."


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