Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Reads bottom, to top; a few 'regular tweets interspersed (ignore those);

  1. I'll leave it with you until 9am tomorrow. :) cc
  2. Recommended->> FREE WALLET FREE! Or PREFER 'Masta '?
  3. doesn't lie Jeremy 'Call me Dave' does > cc
  4. Yourself to Easy! FREE Software Bot! MINE BTS + mor!
  5. Fancy in Or prefer the GUILTY> 366 to suffer that fate?
  6. I told Ex-SAS to cling to just one thing *ONLY* has International immunity :)
  7. Just one word of advice, I like to play fair, despite my enemies not doing so cc
  8. Tick tock you're on the CLOCK :) cc
  9. Hope I'll be able to say the same about you we're watching :) cc
  10. Despite the 6 days in-home UK Torture and attempts Jeremy cc
  11. shout home addresses >> cc
  12. See you at your Trial unless of course, you really didn't know, in which case, I'll expect to hear all about it :)
  13. I hear you're a clever lad not clever enough, by half.
  14. Vociferous appetite for docs I hear Jeremy try this one, from whistleblower b4
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    How about hauling staff off ?
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