Friday, 5 February 2016


Never did manage to get around I don't think to listening to all of William Coopers MYSTERY BABYLON series; I went looking ... Enjoy! :)
"Audio Archives of
William Cooper 

The Lost Light Part 1 
The Lost Light Part 2 
The Lost Light Part 3 
The Lost Light Part 4 
The Lost Light Part 5 
Mystery Babylon 1-10 
Mystery Babylon 11-22 
Mystery Babylon 23-32 
Mystery Babylon 33-42 
Behold a Pale Horse 1 of 3 
Behold a Pale Horse 2 of 3 
Behold a Pale Horse 3 of 3 
Ralph Epperson Interview 08-10-1993 
Ralph Epperson Interview 08-11-1993 
Ralph Epperson Interview 08-12-1993 
Ralph Epperson Interview 08-13-1993 
Ralph Epperson Interview 08-16-1993 
Independence day special 2000 
Alex Jones - disinformation 01-2000 
Alex Jones - disinformation 09-26-2001 
The Lion King movie decoded 
British Israel and Christian Identity Jan 1998  "


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