Friday, 5 February 2016


"English version

Summary translation of the article from the Spanish press.

Interpol asks for the cargo manifest of the Modern Express, following a request from Gabon

The Modern Express mooring in the port of Bilbao is under surveillance.

The office of the International Police in Lyon has asked its counterpart in Libreville, the data of the contents of the ship's holds docked in Bilbao, suspected of carrying illegal timber. It has not yet sought the intervention of the Spanish police

The public denunciation by the Government of Gabon of the possibility that the vessel Modern Express which stayed a week adrift in the Bay of Biscay, before being rescued and towed to the port of Bilbao, contained in its hold wood obtained illegally in the country; has enabled Interpol action. El Correo has learned that the office of the International Police in the French city of Lyon asked its counterpart in the Gabonese capital, to provide official information, i.e. customs documents about the logs on board of the ship. For now the intervention of the Spanish agents has not been requested; but it is they who will be responsible to check the contents at the port.

The intervention of Interpol is necessary because the ship was traveling from Gabon to the French port of Le Havre, where it was to unload the timber. When the ship experienced distress, it was announced that it was carrying 3600 tons of wood; Libreville executive branch publicly denounced what could be the product of illegal logging in the country. The company responsible for the ship, Necotrans, denied that any illegality was committed."

c > english v. ... part way down. something smells more than WOOD
and that guy's on the RITUAL CHILD SLAUGHTER trail :)
Smartest cookie iin africa
INTERPOL on it ... is it just about WOOD? etc
shit load of culprits if more :)
DUTCH connection OUR END :)
And we know a thing or two more about Holland than we ever did before, a bit like they do ...
about us <g>
Cooperation RISING by now I do so hope :)

Here's to the :) HEHE!

Update 6th March 2016

I wonder, shipping ... here we go!


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