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Alien Hybrids : is an Alien Invasion Underway ?

And as Michael Relfe  and now our very own subscriber is also saying (me too, for but I have a different explanation for TIME TRAVEL, because TIME is NOT REAL (as you understand it): there is ONLY *NOW* (as TIME) anywhere, AT ANY TIME; thus ALL TIME IS CONNECTED it's all NOW, if you're THERE (the observer principle) to OBSERVE something, an EVENT! :)

Time Travelers : Alien Abductors From Our Future

Published on Oct 4, 2015
There are many abductions on board UFOs and secret military bases that are conducted, not by aliens from our own time, but by us in the future. I refer to these time travelers as chrononauts. These chrononauts originate from between 1,000 to 3,000 years in our future and from Earth.

Through the use of hyperspace engineering, these time travelers have mastered the art of entering the fifth dimension and traveling back in time to our century. In addition, these chrononauts have abducted us in our past lives as well.

What is the purpose of these times travelers ?. They are us in the future. My. presentation will thoroughly describe exactly who these time travelers are, how they interact with us and how we can all benefit from this contact. .


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