Monday, 22 February 2016


And so, as regular readers of  The White Rabbit!  ... already know, this site was set up to promote open-transactions (written by lead developer Chris Oden) ...

When Chris speaks, especially about FUNDAMENTALS, I listen .... Because I was one of the first people on earth, to recognise Chris' genius, in developing open-transactions ... (indeed, ... a site I also used to own/run, is now merged into if you didn't know:


Excerpted  (conclusion only)

"Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work Cannot Be Topped

Chris Odom’s philosophy on Bitcoin’s proof-of-work is at the core of why he does not believe another cryptocurrency will be able to take its place. He explained:

“Because of that impression I have of [proof-of-work] as a sort of pivotal innovation in history — sort of like the printing press or the Internet — it makes me realize that it will win over all other consensus-based systems and any other altcoin, especially one that’s not based on proof-of-work.”

Cryptographers, computer scientists, researchers, and others from around the world will undoubtedly continue to create new systems for decentralized consensus, but it appears that Chris Odom believes the best option has already been invented. Many people like to think that Bitcoin can be optimized and become faster and cheaper over time, but the reality is decentralization comes with costs."

Definitely worth the full read!

Meantime, of course, if you want to PARTICIPATE in the CRIMES destroying the world, there's always GOLDMAN stock:

FBI gathers clues in massive Goldman Sachs money scandal 


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