Monday, 22 February 2016


"I got attacked again yesterday x on Saturday had over 40 of em in an attack n floored around 30. They came again yesterday. I know the secret underground base off anchor point alaska was taken out n recorded as an earthquake. Early Saturday morning x
Think that's why I got attacked again x

I closed all their portals off before the attack but some still got out I was told x

46m 39 minutes ago

Got video that shows what weapons they using. They trying to stop us uploading it to YouTube. They totally cut off my Internet and phone network during attack on Saturday. Will get it online some how!

 N send u link when we do x"

All I have, in, minutes ago .... A very VERY quick dig got me to:


February 15
Ian Dickson, Field Technician
At 1:41 Monday morning, many in the Anchorage and Kenai regions woke to the shaking of a magnitude 4.2 earthquake centered 13 miles west of Hope. The earthquake was not widely felt, but it was felt by many because it occurred so near to several cities and towns. A number of residents commenting in our Facebook group described it as a sharp jolt.

It was natural for people to think think they were feeling yet another aftershock from the magnitude 7.1 Iniskin quake, but that was not the case. Monday morning's earthquake originated about 130 miles closer to Anchorage and was nearly 50 miles shallower than the M7.1. " .. Continues



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