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And interesting interview, however, we still note the idea seems to be to wait until the Pentagon solves the problem:  ignoring completely the Pentagon complicity in 911...  Still, perhaps better than begging Putin to dump 911 truth (as seems to be the default position of other VT writers).

Ben Fulford / Mike Harris Feb 9 2016 : Victory is Near! 

Published on 10 Feb 2016
Mike Harris interviewed Ben Fulford on Feb. 9th for his Short End of the Stick radio show. 

This was a fascinating discussion, and mostly a positive one. Ben Fulford thinks the days of the cabal's power reign are almost over. 2016 looks to be a very important year.

MH: "Everytime I interview you, someone puts it up on Youtube. We get a quarter of a million views, and then it disappears."

BF: "Let's make sure it doesn't disappear this time." (this comes at the end of the podcast)

To keep the discussion going no matter what, the good people at GEI have started a thread.

Go visit it, to read a good summary, and discuss it.

Mike Harris (on VT) :
Ben Fulford's website :


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