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CHOOSE: Collapse, Chaos and Bloodshed or REBOOT!

collapse, chaos and bloodshed or reboot
UK significant ... cabal related?

Fascism; PHARMOCRACY; what conspiracy ..

"U owes mistreated psychiatric subjects an apology
Patients who can no longer be recruited for research while under an emergency 72-hour hold deserve thanks, not blame.

By Carl Elliott  OCTOBER 7, 2015 — 6:19PM

The University of Minnesota announced late last month that it would end recruiting of patients under 72-hour emergency holds into research studies. The move is one of several changes the U is making to improve oversight and patient protections.
Thanks to a former Fairview Hospital patient with the courage to speak out about his mistreatment, the University of Minnesota is finally ending a controversial research practice. As of last month, the university will no longer test experimental drugs on mentally ill patients who have been involuntarily confined to a locked psychiatric unit under a 72-hour hold (“U halts recruiting of confined patients,” Sept. 26).

Yet instead of thanking the patient who spoke out, or apologizing for recruiting him under coercive conditions, the university has done its best to discredit him.

In July 2007, Robert Huber came to Fairview for help. He was hearing voices and feeling panicked. His treating psychiatrist, Dr. Stephen Olson, used a 72-hour emergency hold to confine Huber to a locked psychiatric unit. Then Olson asked Huber to sign up for a research study testing an experimental drug.

A pharmaceutical company was testing an unapproved antipsychotic drug called bifeprunox. Huber had never been prescribed any antipsychotic drug before, much less an experimental one, but he agreed to take part because he thought it was the only way to escape confinement. “I was so afraid they were going to lock me up,” Huber told the Star Tribune.

The study went very badly. The drug caused severe side-effects. Huber considered suicide. Only a few weeks after he was enrolled, the FDA rejected the drug for marketing approval, citing the death of a research subject in Europe. Yet nobody at the university told Huber — or for that matter, any of the other subjects enrolled in the U study — that the FDA had rejected the drug.

When Huber’s story was made public by KMSP-TV news in 2014, the university tried to smear him. "


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