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I can't tell you ... somewhat having started this GETTING SERIOUS ...

How much more SERIOUS can it START to get ...


"Numbers of ‘prominent’ paedophile suspects rise
02 Feb 2016

The number of people of public prominence or in institutions believed to have committed historical child abuse offences has increased substantially in the past nine months, new figures have revealed.

The statistics, collated from police forces across the UK under Operation Hydrant, show that, as of February 1, there were 2,328 alleged offenders, 895 more than at the end of May last year. ....

Around ten per cent (298) of the 2,328 alleged offenders are deceased. Of these, 1,585 are within institutions and 319 are classed as persons of public prominence. The list includes 157 from the world of TV, film, or radio, 91 politicians (local as well as national), 44 people from the music industry and 18 from the world of sport.
“It is also important to note that the offences which fall under our remit are an extremely small percentage of the overall cases of child sexual abuse which the service responds to on a daily basis – most of which is committed within an interfamilial setting by someone related to or known to the child,” he said.
Approximately a quarter of offenders (580) are unknown or identified.

Almost 850 different institutions are listed under Operation Hydrant, these include: 320 schools; 227 children’s homes; 96 religious institutions; 42 medical establishments; 26 prisons / young offenders’ institutes; 24 sports venues; and 11 institutions in communities (youth clubs, community centres). "

Aiming of course, for planetary evolution! :)

Thanks for shooting for the hoop, with me! :)

ps that might be 32,000 children safer; and I'd better (not) yet dare tell you anything I was telling what turned out to be the police on the end of a tap into my home when I was getting tortured about what may be going on in our HOSPITALS ... here in the UK.

 42 medical establishments

Serving possibly HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of British people EACH if major hospitals.

Getting SAFER by the second!



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