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Previously LIVE in THE BATTLE FOR PLANET EARTH we had ...

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

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I replied, and a permission incoming ...

got it, keep it coming :)
10/10 :)
i shall x there are more i have shared already that are on private as they show where i live (n just want to be careful) but can send you them to watch as they too show how they are opening and closing the dimensional portals
i have closed off some of their portals which is why they are attacking me i think. really bad too. but my energy is strong. if you would like them to see so you can share the knowledge too on how they doing it to us, i will gladly share the links with you
please do; all I ask is that you CLEARLY label the videos in the TITLE of the video FILENAME something TOTALLY clear, e.g. private-.... .mp4
if you send them for me to download
if you meant send the links to your PRIVATE vids in youtube, promise I won't redistribute - just watch.
Please send the links, I've been a little bit BOTHERED by these fucks, myself.
Stay strong. :) x
ps; grab a account if you don't have any cipherspace to keep a backup copy of your vids; 50 gb free (and you can distribute via that, too, if you didn't know)
oki thanks x i not very good with tech stuff. these are the links for the footage showing one of my gifts (if u zoom where im stood on doorstep you can see the codes im putting into my energy rings that are sending protection into them to send out to everyone. aurarists will be able to use them. and etheric warriors.
these are the ones on private. they cleary show them entering and exiting gateways..../stargates. n yes i been getting hit loads by them. they are pure evil !!!
but they show how they are doing it. and what they are doing. i didnt know about lizard aliens etc. was someone i showed them too to ask for help who identified what they are !!! am also being dogged loads by undercover agents using equipment n also get the unmarked black helicopters hovering over where i am a lot. and when am out and about. my mate uploaded them for me as i a bit rubbish with tech even tho i know how it works, learning slowly how to use it. just used my video camera on my phone but gona try get better equipment to film them in action. they so blatant with it too !! and they definitely time travelling !!!!
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if u want to use some the other videos on your site to warn everyone and show how they are doing it, feel free to. i think it needs showing and yes, its very real what they are doing
hello, ive decoded the sound frequencies they are using in psychotronic attacks and uploaded etheric defence instructions that work on them in counter attack. you may want to share them around too :)


Did you dare?

"The crew of an Apollo mission to the moon were so startled when they encountered strange music-like radio transmissions coming through their headsets, they didn't know whether or not to report it to NASA, it's been revealed.
It was 1969, two months before Apollo 11's historic first manned landing on the moon, when Apollo 10 entered lunar orbit, which included traversing the far side of the moon when all spacecraft are out of radio contact with Earth for about an hour and nobody on Earth can see or hear them.
As far as the public knew, everything about the mission went smoothly.
Almost four decades went by before lost recordings emerged that revealed something unsettling that the three Apollo astronauts had experienced while flying above the far side of the moon.
The taped recordings contained "strange, otherworldly music coming through the Apollo module's radio," according to the upcoming Science Channel series, "NASA's Unexplained Files."
The conversation between the three astronauts indicated they heard sounds like they had never heard before:"

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Deep down the rabbit hole.
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