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Whether the earthquake in Japan was planned or not – the HAARP antennas would have operated at full capacity from the 9th to the 11th of March, and clouds took strange undulated forms – the results of this disaster meet, in every way, three main objectives of the globalization elite. Let us clarify what is at stake in this complex operation, which is far from over.

The first of these objectives, and a less important one, is to definitely annihilate the Japanese people. The Second World War was ended with the launching of the two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; it is obvious that what looks like the third World War should start with a general irradiation of Japan.

We have often said that the explosion above Hiroshima was planned by those who call themselves the "Great White Lodge", a group of disembodied beings who have a strong influence in the affairs of the planet. In a message dated August 9th 1945, Djwal Kuhl, an emissary of this Lodge, declared to his medium Alice Bailey, that the explosion of the A bomb was “the greatest spiritual event which has taken place since the human kingdom appeared” and that this explosion ushered “the inauguration of the Kingdom of God on Earth." (A. Bailey, Externalization of the Hierarchy, Lucis Publishing Company).

In the same message, usually ignored by the New Age followers – who prefer to see the Lodge as a divine hierarchy – Djwal Kuhl explains how the Japanese will have to be treated in the future: “They will be defeated (...) by the physical destruction of their war potential and by the death of the form aspect. This destruction... and the consequent release of their imprisoned souls, is a necessary happening: it is the justification of the use of the atomic bomb upon the Japanese population”.

The “master of wisdom” Djwal Kuhl announces and justifies, more or less, the genocide of the Japanese race, apparently incompatible with the World Order.

And his keynote is happening: if Hiroshima heralds the end of Japan as an independent nation, Fukushima shows a much larger destruction of the Japanese soul. This is what we should understand when Djwal Kuhl talks about “the death of the form aspect”, the form not being the body but the etheric mould from which these bodies are issued. Radioactivity attacks these moulds directly, creating the physical degeneration that we know.


The third World War will not only be a war between nations: it will be a war against all those among the civilian population who could still oppose – even in thought – the World Order plan. It is a subtle and magical war against consciousness, which will not necessarily require the use of conventional weapons.

It is in this idea of a war against consciousness that one should seek the second objective of the Fukushima operation: the irradiation, weak but still real, of the entire planet. In fact, we know that after being spread in America, the radioactive cloud is now progressing towards Europe, and will then proceed towards Asia. However, radioactivity not only has adverse effects on health but also, and especially, on consciousness.

As we have shown on other publications, radioactivity promotes the manifestation of entities called Asuras by the esoteric tradition. Coming from the invisible layers located under the surface of the Earth, these entities represent a serious hazard for the soul. On the other hand, as described by Rudolf Steiner, they are very useful to the development of black technologies.

This is why the proponents of the world order automatically support radioactivity, increasing the number of nuclear plants and so-called experimental explosions.  Since 1945, 2,053 atomic explosions have illuminated the sky. According to one of our sources, radioactive substances have even been placed in the concrete of European highways.

Since the beginning of 2011, the consciousness is therefore attacked by the increase of waves and by a pervading radioactivity to which the population will have to adapt. It is the destructive aspect of the Plan, as intended by Djwal Kuhl and the black magicians of the “White Lodge”.


The Fukushima operation also comprises a “constructive aspect” – a third crucial objective in the implementation of the World Order. In fact, we now know that the radioactivity leads to the formation of certain noble gases that in turn allow invisible entities to materialise more easily before the eyes of the living.

In his book, The Great Revolution, the initiate Jan Van Rijckenborgh maintains that: “In a near future, and under the influence of the noble gas B, the atmosphere of the material world will become somehow phosphorus. Such a situation has already been achieved artificially in some regions of the earth by scientists who have experimented with the atomic bomb. Those we call the spirits bound to the earth (...) will become visible to the physical eye”.

Knowing the plans of the White Lodge, we may deduct that the irradiation of the planet is a preliminary step to the Blue Beam project, where we will see the manifestation of a “planetary saviour” – a kind of Antichrist who will unite all religions and nations into one single entity of divine right:  the New World Order.

The journalist Serge Monast, in his article on Blue Beam published in1994, confirmed that NASA has the required technological means to project holographic images in the sky. But the Great Play will be more than holographic hallucinations: it will be the very real appearance of disembodied entities, entities that will have nothing to do with the divine and that will try to subjugate mankind.

We then understand why, according to Djwal Kuhl, the “release of atomic energy” is a necessary environment for the “inauguration of the Kingdom of God on Earth”: it is through radioactivity that the White Lodge and its hierarchy of “Invisible Masters” will be able to manifest itself and to gain political power. We have come full circle.

“The return of the planetary saviour” operation is necessarily complex, as it requires the coordinating of a great many players, and we cannot pretend to know all the details. But we feel that it is vital for us to prepare, whether it happens in 2012 or later. This is why we are organising a special conference on the New World Religion, in Paris, during which we will analyse the why and the how of this operation as well as its link to others apocalyptic events.


(This is a guest article hosted on It has been translated from the original French).

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