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"Documents that late last year were stolen from the cell of the condemned to life Hüseyin Baybasin, reveal that the former senior official accused of pedophilia Justice Joris Demmink has actively interfered with his business.

It seems that the celinspectie was intended to obtain confidential documents
Attorney Adele van der Plas


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In late November would be cell during a celinspectie Justice loggerheadshave been met. In addition, its extremely sensitive and highly explosive documents stolen, says Hüseyin Baybasin (59). TrialSummary proceedings matter that he had filed against Justice this afternoon is in The Hague. Baybasin is a Kurdish leader who was sentenced to life in the Netherlands for murder, kidnapping and drug trafficking. He himself claims to have been framed for political reasons by Turkey and the Netherlands. Is currently playing a revision case on his conviction. The pieces that were stolen from his cell according Baybasin would be relevant to this case. ,, It is super confidential documents about the political background of his case. It seems that the celinspectie was intended to get them, "said his lawyer Adele van der Plas.  Confidential Copies of these confidential documents are held by AD. This, among other things, to be parts of a National Police Investigation into the former Secretary General of Security and Justice Joris Demmink. That research reveals that Joris Demmink since 1997 active in the case Baybasin has interfered. The Department will research was started in 2012 after two Turkish men return had done against Demmink. They say middle to have Istanbul in nineties by Demmink raped . At that time they were still minors. Joris Demmink has always denied these allegations. He says after 1987 not to have been in Turkey.   Blackmail According Baybasin there is something else going on. The former Kurdish leader is convinced that the Turkish Netherlands government has blackmailed the alleged escapades of an eye opener in Istanbul. In exchange for sweeping under the rug that issue, Netherlands to condemn him, says Baybasin. There would be tampered with evidence to put him behind bars.   In the study Demmink shows that the Department actively looked for a link to the file-Baybasin. For example, detectives Baybasins IND file perused. It is for the first time revealed that Demmink personally with the case Baybasin has interfered. In 1997, reports a head IND fax ,, that the file of Baybasin does not lend itself for judgment at the district level but must be presented and dismissed by Mr. Demmink. "Drugs Baron Demmink in 1997 was Director General for International Affairs and Immigration. In pieces is further exculpatory evidence Baybasin. The Kurd is always put down as a seasoned drug lord. A Turkish document reveals that he has never been convicted in his homeland.   Hüseyin Baybasin tried today to demonstrate that precisely those documents were stolen by judicial staff from his cell . Security and Justice denies that this has happened. In reviewing his case is expected by the spring an opinion of the Attorney General. There will also be three books about his case. "


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