Tuesday, 27 December 2016


Anyone who paid attention to the video of the Bases Xmas 2016 posted on 20 December, might have had a second look on hearing news of the Syria-bound Russian Tu-154 crash two minutes after take-off from Sochi.

In the video, well known retired intelligence analyst Michael Shrimpton mentions that the TU-154 is a close cousin of the de Havilland DH-121 Trident jet, (later known as the Hawker Siddeley HS-121), the technology having being leaked to the Soviet Union in the 1960's, and adds that the analogue controls of this plane are especially vulnerable to tampering. He then details two previous crashes of (1) a Polish Airforce TU-154 in Russia in 2010, --carrying most of the Polish government-- due to a false altimeter reading; and (2) the 1972 BEA Trident flight BEA548 that crashed minutes after take-off from Heathrow near the town of Staines, due to a false high speed reading. The Russians have now confirmed info from their best eyewitness account and the flight data recorder, which all point towards the latest crash being a repeat of BEA548, with the wingtip leading edge elevators being folded away too early before the plane was at a safe speed to do so. This resulted in a vertical stall, which there is nothing the pilot can do to correct once started.

Here's the money-part from the Bases video, from 17:10 to 21:20 :


Spooky information, spooky timing.


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Saturday, 24 December 2016


Happy Christmas for tomorrow everyone!  And to think, deeply, about the issues of our time ... A man always worth listening to, Egon von Greyerz (Matterhorn Asset Management)

Egon von Greyerz-There Will Be a Time Without Money

Published on Dec 17, 2016

Friday, 23 December 2016


Miles Johnson, always a great interviewer, and often, even more interesting when interviewed.

GoldFish Report No. 40, The Ambassador Welcomes Miles Johnston to Talk Mind Hacking 

Thursday, 22 December 2016


And so, it seems it's not just myself then joined by Kazzy interested in what we can pick up using technology:

Vatican Insider Develops Software that sees Demons & Djinn hiding in Plain Sight

Published on Dec 8, 2016

Wednesday, 21 December 2016


Extract Only

"Because of the nature of the mosque shooting, some initially believed the crime to be an act of terrorism, but Swiss officials are now dismissing the theory. During a Tuesday press conference, Christiane Lentjes Meili of the Zurich police said in a surprising development that the shooter may have had links to the occult: “There were certain indications that the perpetrator may have had an interest in the occult. There is no indication of a link to terrorism or to Islamic State.”

The New York Times adds that a search of the gunman's apartment made his occult interests apparent, although authorities aren't clarifying exactly what they found. "


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Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Michael Shrimpton on Max at Bases Xmas 2016

Published on Dec 19, 2016

Michael Shrimpton, who specializes on the little known secret German intelligence service, DVD, gives an after dinner briefing on the assassination of Max Spiers, who he was to meet at Bases2016. Max didn't make it, and here Shrimpton explains that Max must have had information which was planned to be revealed at that event. Max did tell Miles Johnston he was going to bring material which would be ground breaking, only days before he died.



Don't you just LOVE it when a HUGE opportunity to buy LOW LOW LOW presents itself!


"COLUMBUS, OHIO: The FBI says dozens of pimps, prostitutes and associates have been arrested under international efforts to combat underage human trafficking.

The FBI says 239 child-sex traffickers and their associates were arrested and 82 children were rescued from Oct. 13 to 16 as part of Operation Cross Country X."

Gang Stalking for Uploading Reptilian Proof Caught on Video! (Dec 2016)

Monday, 19 December 2016

Third Reich Technology and Antarctica Alien's

Did the Nazi Scientist's and Third Reich have contact with Alien's and given technology? There are rumour's abound that Hitler was an alien micro-chipped hybrid/cyborg. As unbelievable as that may sound...here is an interesting film documentary that highlight's the secret missions before and after ww2.

Another interesting link to this ongoing story and saga,,,,the Arc de Gabrielle.,,,which has been in the Saudi's keep since it was re-discovered, was taken to Antarctica by the Russian's no less....under satellite and armed guard.

It is claimed attempts were made to open it, at the location it was buried, and a plasma charge emitted from the vessel twice. Killing many people above ground in it's path. Officially....the Saudi's blamed 'a stampede' on the 400 plus death's that resulted from the second attempt, and no explanation was given for the death's following the 1st attempt at opening the casket ! 

Given that the Nazi's (and their secret society) are heavily embroiled and dedicated to the Occult and it's histories this deepen's the mystery further into what exactly are they keeping from the rest of the World at the Antarctic ! 

One thing is for sure....they haven't got a 'shoot to kill' policy in place there for 'trespassers by land or air' for nothing !! Would be interesting to read other's thoughts on this deep mystery ! 



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It's freakin' true :(
All your worse fears

And the depth of their LIES!


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Is this first evidence of GALACTIC SUPER-WAVES hitting earth?

12/19/2016 -- Large wave of energy from unknown source hitting Earth now - Possible effects?

Sunday, 18 December 2016


Update on the death of Max Spiers in Poland.


"According to the Kentish Gazette, after Spiers’ body was repatriated to the United Kingdom, a postmortem examination performed at QEQM (Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother) Hospital in Margate, Kent, was unable to determine the manner or cause of death.


The planetary horror show continues:  Satanic human sacrifice fbi raid 1998

Above video disappears real quick usually; grab a copy and upload aka 'mirror' my advice.

Saturday, 17 December 2016


A discussion between those shown; advice from Dr Duncan, should never be dismissed.



Saturday, 5 August 2017


And send out the links on that page, to EVERYONE you know (no exceptions).


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And at last, some sense of what's going on sensibly explained to the audience outside South Korea.... A deep read, and a must read (take the time), this stuff is the stuff of which world wars can start:


The Irrational Downfall of Park Geun-hye

President Park Geun-hye issues a public apology on October 25, 2016.


And with just the title, ....
I think we can all see what's really going on here ...

without further explanation or iteration.

Not when it's censored news now ... writing.


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Friday, 16 December 2016



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Here we go ....

Seems of interest to all :)


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Exclusive, explosive reports from the patriot
Joint U.S.-French Intelligence Task Force,
operating on American soil for over 200 years
ALL Patriot Americans MUST know with sources inside
American/European intelligence agencies and INTERPOL
reporting what is really going on behind the scenes of the
corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion-friendly
propaganda U.S. media's massive deceptions

Protect and defend
    YOUR    Constitution Bill of Rights,
the Supreme Law of the United States


Sunday   November 20, 2016
by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

click to enlarge

UNITED States of America   -   It can now be reported that the U.S. Military Grand Jury have enough evidence to link the Clinton Foundation to a massive "pay-for-play" child sex trafficking operation tied to both Israeli and Saudi Intelligence.

This "pay-for-play" operation involves Huma Abedin, Bill and Hillary Clinton, junior George W. BushFRAUD, John Podesta, Karl Rove, Mitt Romney and over half of the U.S. Congress and the extortion friendly U.S. media elite filth.

Note:  The Clintons and Bushes face immediate arrest!

We can now report that Hillary Clinton made a call to her CIA ‘handler’ daddy Bush aka George Herbert Walker Bush to hack and steal five (5) states on election night 2016 on behalf of Satanist lesbian Hillary as daddy had done for his Satanist homosexual son in the year 2000 election
coup d'état.
After a half an hour after the 2016 election coup was ordered by pedophile daddy Bush (George H.W. Bush) the patriotic U.S. Military stepped in and stopped the election hacking operation and tuned off the Tristar and Israeli satellites that were about to steal yet another U.S. presidential election.


BREAKING NEWS: Podesta Brothers Pedo Ring

November 19, 2016

Breaking news to share today as the Podesta #PizzaGate scandal is cracked wide open. Anon has discovered that the Podesta Comet Ping Pong photos contain encrypted data which if decoded my lead to smoking gun evidence of pedophilia.

But even more stunning is the news that according to FBI and intelligence sources, the Podesta brothers were in Portugal on May 3, 2007,
the date of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

November 19, 2016

Beyond Disturbing: DC’s “Comet Pizza” Pedophile Ring May Literally Bring Down Our Government!!

by Bix Weir


Comet Ping Pong – Pizzagate Summary


Know the enemy. See it and wrench it out of the shadows, into the light.

I just broke down into tears. After spending the last evening going over this material particularly as it pertains to the #Spiritcooking/#pizzagate/Comet Ping Pong connection.

This looks like the face of the enemy. Why? It appears on its face to be nothing more than a hipster dive pizza shop run by the “49th most connected man in DC”, but somethings struck me as very odd.

1.)Satanic Comet Ping Pong Wall Murals. Circles/emphasis mine. Nothing too sketch about those at all, eh? Certainly looks like something you’d want to have your fucking kids looking at while playing ping pong.

2.) Amanda Kleinman, one of the purported musicians’ who performs here (again in front of children) music is freakishly satanic and disturbing. Examples, HERE Titled, “All the children” with hellish images of symbolic pedophilia, EXAMPLE.

Additionally, you might notice further down the very distrubing Heavy Breathing website, images of a young woman behind a symbolic brick wall being strangled from behind by a shadowy figure with a black glove.

Other music videos/material posted to the Amanda Kleiman YouTube mention pedophilia directly in text on the screen as seen HERE

Additionally, her creepy, disturbing spoken word stuff certainly doesn’t evoke family friendly feelings in the pit of my stomach, not to mention the somewhat tenuous connections to the Paul Sizemore video taken at Comet Ping Pong. Nevertheless, some of the images of Paul Sizemore’s son on his blog are quite disturbing and dark

But wait, there’s more.

Guess what else they have at Comet Ping Pong?

Wait for it… wait for it. Yes, an after school children’s club which teaches children, amongst other family-friendly and uplifting things such as the following ON VALENTINES DAY: MONSTER VALENTINES / MONSTERS IN LOVE. Monday, February 13; 4 – 6pm Viewing Valentine’s Day through the eyes of imaginary monsters and considering how these creatures’ ideas of beauty may differ from our own, youth will create valentines either for monsters, by monsters, or both.

Very interesting how the Podesta emails make constant reference to Pizza as well as seek to organize gatherings at this place for social events/Pizza Parties.

But in the over arcing theme of things there are two main common denominators that keep popping up.. Kids and Pizza.

We are dealing with the Dark Lord here, friends. On what level or to what extent I am not sure, but I feel it in me.

BREAKING: From the anon who brought you the Laura Silsby connection: I have uncovered a pedophile with links to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, David Brock, George Soros, Marina Abramovic and the Podestas

by IWB · November 7, 2016

by PleadingtheYiff

The individual I have mentioned is one James Achilles Alefantis. Mr. Alefantis is the owner of the Washington DC pizza parlor Comet Ping Pong. There are disturbing indications that Mr. Alefantis is running some form of pedophile ring that involves quite a few public figures in Washington D.C. It would appear that he is the “Achilles heel” for all these people of stature.

Since the investigation began, Mr. Alefantis has deleted many of his posts and set his social media to private. We have archived the entirety of his online presence however. Links posted here are both archives and screenshots I took while helping to investigate.

First I will discuss Alefantis’ links to powerful people, then outline the preponderance of evidence that he is a pedophile and uses Comet Ping Pong as a front for his sex trafficking ring.

I. Connections between Power Brokers and Alefantis

David Brock, director of Correct the Record

James Alefantis is the owner of pizza joint Comet Ping Pong, he is the romantic partner of former CTR director David Brock. Here is a link confirming this and showing them caught up with another individual in some kind of blackmail love triangle:


Here is a photo of Brock on Alefantis’ Instagram:


Hillary Clinton

Here is a letter Alefantis posted from Hillary thanking him for helping with a fundraiser that involved the Podestas:


An FEC search also shows payments made to Alefantis from the Clinton Campaign and pro Clinton PACS



Barack Obama

Here is a photo Alefantis posted showing Obama playing ping pong with a young boy:


Obama has also been identified in the Wikileaks Podesta dump as having held phone banks at Comet Ping Pong’s location:


Alefantis is also listed in White House records as having visited a few times:

George Soros

Yes, George Soros even is involved with this pizza parlor. He is listed as a major donor to the American Bridge 21st Century PAC:


This PAC is on record with the FEC as having made several donations to Comet Ping Pong:




Marina Abramovic

Alefantis appears to have some form of relationship to spirit cooking “artist” Marina Abramovic as he references her in his instagram:


He also posted a photo which appears to possibly make a Moloch reference:


Here is Alefantis posting a photo of Tony Podestas house:

You may remember this “Arch of Agony” statue from the house of Tony Podesta, as seen in this Washington Post article:


Keep in mind that this house contains art showing child abuse by Biljana Djurdjevic:




II. Implications James Alefantis is running a pedophile ring out of Comet Ping Pong

A. Sexual references made in Comet Ping Pong and by Alefantis online

First. Comet Ping Pong advertises itself as a “family place for parents and their kids”

This website here shows that a reviewer mentioned the presence of hidden doors in the establishment (it also revealed that the Food Network show host Guy Fieri has done an episode there). Link and screenshot of relevant portion here:


Despite it’s claim to be “family friendly” the restaurant has a number of disturbing sexual references inside and James Alefantis makes a number of references to pedophelia both overtly and implicitly online. Alefantis actually posted a photo of an “art” photo piece which appears to show a man vaginally penetrating what could be an underage girl. I have decided not to share it here but it has been archived. He has since deleted the photo.

EDIT: People suggested I post an edited version of the photo. Here it is, with all NSFW parts removed:


Here is a photo showing the inside of Comet Ping Pong where graffiti saying “shut up and fuck” and “Amen” are clearly visible:


He posted a disturbing image of a little girl taped down to a table in Comet Ping Pong:


He joked about purchasing infants:


Here he posted a photo featuring a man wearing a shirt that says “I love children” in French:

Here he reference a “boom boom room” which sounds disturbingly like a play on the phrase “boom boom” used by foreign prostitutes to describe sex:

More on the above photo:


A photo showing children engaged in some strange ceremony or ritual:


Another odd photo someone tagged at Comet Ping Pong:


Here Alefantis posted a photo of a man with a yellow bead necklace around the head of a young boy. A quick search reveals yellow sex bracelets imply analingus, and the hashtag #chickenlovers in the instagram post is a pedophile reference to adult men who are attracted to underage boys. Links below:



B. References to pizza in a was that is either sexual or involved children

Alefantis and others clearly use the term “pizza” to allude, at the very least to sex (I believe it to mean sex with minors). Here are a number of references from Alefantis and others tagged at Comet Ping Pong making sexual innuendos about pizza and children:










C. Innuendos to systematic child abuse and trafficking

Comet Ping Pong’s posters for the “concerts” played at their venue show references to abuse and pedophilia.

Here is an poster which may refer to the out of body experience children have when experiencing extreme abuse:


Here is one showing a band called the “Lolitas” played at Comet Ping Pong:


More disturbingly Alefantis has posted a number of photos showing very suspicious rooms, construction of underground chambers and openly joked about “filling them” with his friends on Instagram.

Here is a photo Alefantis posted showing men digging a hole. Him and his friends joke about “filling it” and a commenter claims his hole has “been full for quite some time now.” They also joke about doing a “line up” at the hole in the near future.


Another photo he posted appears to shows a large freezer, which could appear to be a location used for some kind of imprisonment or torture. Commenters on the photo joke “rinse it off when you’re done” and “kill room.”


The man who commented “kill room” on the above photo has a number of images on his Instagram appearing to show he makes child sized coffins:



Here is a disturbing Wikileaks email where a “torture chamber” is referenced:


Finally, people have noticed that pro-Hillary groups own ALL the properties on the block where Comet Ping Pong is located.


As noted in the previous picture, some of the company logos of nearby groups who have offices near Comet Ping Pong look similar to known images used by pedophiles as per this FBI document:


What can we do about this?

It seems fairly likely that the DC police and FBI will not do anything about this situation. Raise public awareness! Our best tool to combat the people in power on this issue is to build publicity until the public demands a change. Get the word out!

Credits to all the anons on /pol/ who have been working around the clock on this, as well as our own nimble navigators, especially /u/dota2_scrub who found the Soros/Obama documentation.





Al Qaeda is nothing more than an extension of the operatus linked to U.S. intelligence that was allowed, by script,

to remove itself as a rogue break away entity of the U.S. government

allowed to de-compartmentalize from oversight, and was run instead by Gary Best rogue 'Black Ops' specialists for scripted activity outside of the U.S. government,

with its funding being orchestrated through the Pakistani secret police,

an entity of the U.S. government itself."  (2006)

~ Tom Heneghan, great American Patriot and International Intelligence Expert

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."  (1755)

~ Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father, great American Patriot

The Declaration of Independence

IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,

enhanced excerpt

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty,  to throw off such Government, and to prove new Guards for their future security. (1776)   ~ Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father, great American Patriot, author of the Declaration of Independence and 3rd U.S. President


DULY ELECTED President Albert Gore Jr.
awaits inauguration,
our U.S. Constitution that is the
Supreme Law of the United States
demands it!

As we live free or die, Lafayette remains at Brandywine and
Albert Gore Jr. remains the year 2000,
natural born REAL President of the United States.

Al Gore on Restoring the Rule of Law


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then copy and paste into any email, blog, forum, document, etc.


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