Tuesday, 29 December 2015


And so with the Craft International execs home addresses dump coming in (published on crowdactivism.com) we knew something, somewhere, had obviously clearly implicated them in the San Bernadino mass murder (false flag) ... And even though still on holiday, this is too important not to go chasing, so at the first opportunity I went chasing, and here, is what I found: via Jim Stone, ex-NSA ... and of course, just about the only place left anyone honest inside the USA can get published .... inside Iran ...  Welcome to the land of the free! 

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Dec 22 2015

PressTV started working in Mexico again, first noticed at 0:15 AM CST Dec 22

According to one reader, the entire report about Craft mercs doing the shooting in San Bernardino has now been expunged. Maybe that is why they are back online . . . . . . HA HA HA, THE ARTICLE IS STILL THERE even though it is de-linked from all visible pages and you can't search for it anymore. Update: The .com version of this article got wiped overnight. The .ir version was still there this morning.

So many people have written to me saying it does not work and they can't get to it that It is obviously getting messed with so I captured it and embedded it below: UPDATE: THIS GOT DELETED OFF THE SERVER IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE FIRST TIME I POSTED IT AND CAUSED A DEAD IMAGE! WHOAH SOMEBODY HATES THIS!!!!

OK, OK, so someone hates it. And in the comment section below this report on PressTV, that "someone" had troll teams including "weapons experts and medics" saying this guy knew nothing about weapons, "because a .223 does not leave a huge mark when it hits someone." They then used that as a straw man to debunk the whole report. Well, I have news for you, the .223 is WICKED when it hits someone, this is what .223 injuries look like:

and the fact the trolls went to the PressTV report and lied so brazenly only proves the report to be 100 percent accurate, because if it was not accurate they would not have needed to invent a fake reality about the .223 to debunk it, they would instead have simply stated facts."


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