Tuesday, 1 December 2015


  1. Cameron on the record USA on the record; regime change time, both ends.
  2. Nice to see Icke is covering this interview good chap
  3. I missed some of it as didn't have time to listen to all. Will listen to rest later tonight.

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  4. Most people used to be able to concentrate for about 20 minutes 20 years ago, without a break ... now down in EU to 12 1/2 min
  5. And get this in the USA 2 minutes 30 seconds ... getting close to Human GOLDFISH
  6. Welcome to chemical warfare in food supply, and water and of course, drinks :)
  7. Latter originally BANNED for HUMAN consumption by until RUMSFELD the 911 perp and CHEMICAL WEAPONS SALESMAN, reversed decision
  8. Drop ESPECIALLY all aspartame regain your brain :)
  9. Private Members Only: Search results for ASPARTAME
  10. I rarely drink water and never cola's etc; haven't for about oh now 10 years ... which is why my THIRD EYE works :)
  11. Private Members Only: Search results for NOETICS and thus, I can do this :)
  12. etc etc Tuesday, 26 February 2013 Seeing into the 5th Dimension I've done some of this.
  13. Private Members Only: Search results for TELEPATHY TUTORIAL etc etc
  14. Save you looking longtime ... the only squash in the UK WITHOUT Aspartame = RIBINA ... never buy anything but that squash wise
  15. but then they get you with the fluoride note
  16. So take i your water from FRUIT FRUIT JUICE, milk, and the occasional Ribena ... when you MUSt get water into you fast etc
  17. And have a look at this page of PROOF re the CONCENTRATION levels difference between Europe & USA :)
  18. USa can't think straight at all and even if they can, not more than for a few minutes and that was BEFORE 1000 CPM across USA
  19. And as you may not know (basic Nuclear Chemical Biological warfare trained this end by British Army) {I'm ex-TA/OTC)
  20. Radiation first takes your MIND (softest tissue = brain hence the skull encasement) ...
  21. Youngest AND oldest, FIRST :)
  22. USA population is going to be (is right now) less and less able to THINK STRAIGHT and decide to SHOOT which is why they MUST now
  23. CONSCIOUSLY conscious = able AND DOING SO, concentrating 100% of each and every day, the ENTIRE TIME you're AWAKE :)
  24. No more 'down time' ever ...
  25. In the MIL they call this being SWITCHED ON and it gets SCREAMED AT YOU <g> when you're on exercise no sleep days on end
  26. i.e. you MUST stay MENTALLY ALERT at ALL times even if you haven't slept for DAYS ....
  27. Wen most people's average was about 20 minutes ALREADY down to 10-12 in Europe you can see the problem hey :(
  28. And thus, we're currently TRENDING in the VERY WRONG direction
  29. Concentration levels PLUMMETING rather than INCREASING
  30. Watch to see this LIVE here with me plenty people ask a QUESTION, then send an INSULT about the LENGTH of the REPLY ...
  31. They're so down in MORON land they can't handle anything longer than 140 characters i.e. MASSIVE SIMPLIFICATION
  32. Also note if I dare, when I post "^ notice the SPEL ... " and then, CORRECT a post, AND include the DELAY in seconds or minutes
  33. This is me catching an ERROR in MY MIND which may be, alien attack related :)
  34. 1) no more DECEPTIONS 2) no more DISTRACTIONS 3) no more DELAY << how they slow me DOWN :) :)
  35. And your goal is to be able to NOTICE those ERRORS in YOUR mind get this in **REAL TIME** and correct them IMMEDIATELY :)
  36. 3) no more DELAY :)
  37. How did we 'accidentally' mass murder 1,000,000 human last time SUB-conscious influence was LORD HUTTON's answer :)
  38. Make your MIND whole again :)
  39. Bring the SUB-conscious influence into your CONSCIOUS mind :)
  40. Hard work but you CAN get there with the requisite level of DESIRE :)
  41. If you want to say no need to, but do you work in NHS?


  1. Most dangerous time in history.
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  2. ^ very much so, way more serious right now, than cuban missile crisis
  3. An OVER act of WAR has ALREADY taken place now
  4. ^ notice the SPEL :) :) not OVER but OVERT :) ...
  5. MEANING delayed 2 seconds, and that might be enough to control an ENTIRE PLANET :)
  6. DEALEY PLAZA delay ET :) :)
  7. The TRADE the are INVOLVED IN at level 33 = selling human SOULS aka 2 oz when you DIE, you weigh LESS :)
  8. And the EXCHANGE they get for those 2 oz = alien help :)
  9. 32 run the JIHADI you have to get to 33 or HIGHER (per formerfreemasons, finally CONFIRMATION 97,98,99 & 100 exist :) ;)
  10. take a deep breath and see WHICH ALIENS that comes from :)
  11. ^ notice the SPEL :) they ALWAYS show themselves in your MIND (if you're CONSCIOUSLY CONSCIOUS enough to CATCH them) at
  12. THE most important moment of EACH day :)


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