Tuesday, 15 December 2015


  1. Is anybody else getting the eerie feeling that America is becoming the new Nazi Germany?
  2. & it's succeeding because the way it's being done & who it's coming from: regular folks.
  3. just love to keep DETAILED RECORDS of their CRIMES
  4. Look Just about all Modern Countries have modeled record keeping from the Nazi,Germany
  5. that is why you may feel that way.
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  6. "DETAILED RECORDS" = that can be used at
  7. was the point I was clearly, not making clearly enough.
  8. i.e. if Jeremy and the local militia took a no bullshit approach to seizure of local city hall
  9. records of any payments of vouchers to police for distribution etc
  10. well now, right there, you prove your VAST conspiracy right in every CITY HALL
  11. right across the whole of the USA
  12. Execute everyone guilty with enough proof (constitutionally = 2 witnesses/proofs i.e.
  13. 1 bit of credible believed evidence + corroboration of it from by definition, a different
  14. Bang bang; bunch of torture of americans organising SCUM nicely all dead onwards, to the next
  15. bunch of traitor torturing scum
  16. Of course, the POLICE might NOT be wanting MILITIA to examine BOTH SETS OF BOOKS
  17. one CORROBORATES the other
  18. BOTH official GOVERNMENT records
  19. If you're REALLY lucky and it IS documented both sides haha
  20. Execute all the cops guilty
  21. execute all the city hall scum guilty
  22. And why not go the whole hog, if you HAVE THE EVIDENCE
  23. execute every last perp all across the USA
  24. covertly torture Americans .... no matter how desperate you were for the vouchers
  25. Naughty naughty; you shouldn't have done it, and TOUGH SHIT FKR :) Kill them all too
  26. torture = cruel or unusual punishment
  27. Line them all up and kill them all
  28. Find that level of ruthlessness
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