Saturday, 14 November 2015


Dear Jason,

Over the past two weeks I've exposed the venture capitalists takeover of the preparedness industry as well as the shady ingredient sourcing practices by food storage companies that are happening at an alarming rate. As you might imagine this information has sparked quite a discussion amongst preparedness groups and patriots alike. I've received an overwhelming amount of encouraging emails and phone calls from customers just like yourself that appreciate the truth and my willingness to say it.

I also received several emails from customers asking me to check into different survival items they've heard about. One of those emails stood out to me because I recognized the name. Francis, from Lakeland, FL. You see I remember Francis from when our company only had but a couple of employees and I answered the phones on a regular basis. Francis is a mother, a grandmother, a wife and a sister to a large family in Florida. Like many of our customers she is preparing not only for herself and her husband, but for the younger members of the family who simply don't see the wisdom in what we do just yet.

Francis wanted me to check into something that she had spent quite a bit of money on - "canned survival meat". I thought, "This will be easy - surely she's talking about SPAM, right?"

But my heart sank when she forwarded me a copy of the sales letter she received and I saw the product she purchased. I knew this was a scam. All of the scientific knowledge I have regarding food storage, my experience in the industry, the training we have gone through - it was all sounding off like an air raid siren in my head warning me that this was a complete lie.

I started My Patriot Supply as a result of seeing too many companies preying on my fellow patriots. I had enough of it then, and I certainly have no tolerance for it now.

I knew she had been sold a bunch of snake oil - now I just had to prove it.

Read the rest of the story and listen to the shocking audio where the manufacturer admits the big lie here...

Yours in Liberty,
Matt Redhawk
Owner, My Patriot Supply

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