Friday, 13 November 2015


And so, we've been hard at work since 6am this morning; now we have five or so easy ways to turn tiny sums of bitcoin into much larger sums UP; thus allowing any member, to get going with bitcoin earning (two of those five, GIVE you 0.0001 BTC to start out with; no excuses!) we've been diligently trying to find a clearly legitimate, clearly incorporated, clearly extremely well designed business model, with long-term viability for large returns ON LARGE SUMS of bitcoin, and an investment that would NOT take much time AT ALL to manage, from month to month.

As of a few minutes ago, we just had confirmation the certificate of incorporation checks out (it's in Russian, so I had to get a translator to check my own due diligence; and she just did!).  Welcome, to your COMPLETELY OUTSIDE OF THE WEST Russian-Chinese food exporter investment vehicle.

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Click here, sign up underneath me please (the more members that do this, the less the annual re-subscription price increases will be, over the years ahead), and with the smallest investment, just as little as USD10.00 or 0.05 BTC to start out with.  Multi-language website; GLOBAL EARNINGS POTENTIAL with a bit of leverage thrown in; two tier affiliate program; paying out 10% on the first level, 5% the second, with a chance to jump AFFILIATE program plans, to a HIGHER PAYOUT of no less than 20% on the first level, once you have USD1,000 invested.  I like this one, and I like it one HUGE amount; outside of the west, and NOT dependent on the West in ANY WAY; Russia to China food exports; they have a border.

If world war three breaks out; this one, might just save your skin.  And world war three, might just break out; and so getting GLOBAL EARNINGS up, from MANY markets, is a MUST; this fits the bill, PERFECTLY!


Note, if you invest in bitcoin, you get bitcoin back; likewise USD; so if you want to EARN BITCOIN, note, you MUST INVEST BITCOIN; with that ONE CAVEAT, I can find no fault with this business model, nor the legitimacy of the company.  I may of course, be wrong, but I suspect I've just found myself a LONG-TERM INVESTMENT PARTNER, in the RUSSIA-CHINA food export biz; and if you like it to, you too!



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