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1. Install Nxt Client

Hello newcomer! Thank you for using this step-by-step guide. We are constantly trying to sharpen the guide and make it better. If you have any ideas on how to improve the quality and user experience you can write us.

Java Installation

The first step to using NXT is the installation of Java since the whole of the NXT code is written in Java. I recommend downloading the Java program from the official Oracle homepage.
Choose the file corresponding to your operating system and download it. As soon as you have installed Java we can start with NXT!

Nxt Client Installation

To get started with NXT you need to download the software. For this head to the front page
of to download the latest client. Other sources for the clients are, please
 don’t download the client from any other source.
  1. Before  you can run the Nxt client you need to have Java installed, see the first section for this.
  2. Download one of the clients, depending on the client you downloaded:
    1. To install Nxt client you simply click on the downloaded file and it will install. Somewhere in
      the middle of this process you probably have to select the installation path, choose whatever you want.
    2. If you are running the official release from Jean-Luc it’s a little bit more complicated.
      1. On Windows: Start the “run.bat” file.
      2. On Mac: Open the terminal, “cd PATH” -> “./” (PATH is the path you downloaded or copied the Nxt client to)
      3. On Linux: Same as on Mac
  3. If you chose Nxt client and have it installed, you simply have to start it by clicking on its app
     icon. If you choose the official client you should already have it running now. You need to
     open your browser and enter
You finished installing and starting Nxt. If you encountered any problems please visit
our Nxt Helpdesk on NxtForum.


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