Friday, 27 November 2015


    1. Thanks for doing what you're doing Signed, Everyone in UK, who gets, what WE are doing :)
      Tweet text
    2. FYI If you need to strike Turkey; we would understand.
    3. They struck first and act of war, against Russia.
    4. And if you do strike Turkey hit Erdogan; and kill him.
    5. And then wipe out every last MAFIA fuck scumbag inh Turkey running the oil for BP
    6. Feel free to use Presidential executive Constitutional Authority to conduct assassinations of these oil execs and banker scum
    7. If this goes thermonuclear please hit wall street and the City of London
    8. HSBC tower RBS in Edinburgh; and every HSBC and RBS office, worldwide.
    9. Drop a nuke on Switzerland too UBS :)
    10. And then every Rothschild owned OR CONTROLLED entity worldwide.
    11. FWIW I think your Major General Constantin P. Petrov is bang on the money; with Switzerland, &
    12. Feel free to conduct as many assassinations of western 'leaders' as needs be any one of them, who has not spoken 911 truth
    13. Within one hour from now.
    14. Oh, one last thing please release Russian satellite data on 911


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