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Top Tip: THE biggest #CRYPTOCURRENCIES opportunity > EVER1

As only the oldest regular readers of .... The White Rabbit! ... will be aware, this site started the crypto-currencies revolution, as was it's aim, when first established:

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We got there, in just under 2 years!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013
And so, having bust OT onto the front pages of the world's financial press; and having watched OT's first spin off Monetas go from strength to strength (won #crypto startup award in Switzerland this year ;)) ... ONWARD, as usual, YEARS simply YEARS ahead of the pack (who are just catching on to Bitcoin blockchain technology, and most of whom, will still not even have heard of OT! lol) ... We spent a few hours the other day, to catch back up with Chris; and this page, is the page, you need wrap your head around, if you want to stay YEARS ahead of the PACK. :) 

First, a helpful update ripped right from REDDIT: to get you up to speed with events that have transpired whilst I've been busy getting tortured and murdered <g> ... before we move on, to the meat of the post:

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[–]_Mr_E 2 points  
Didn't Chris leave the project?
[–]mindshards 5 points  
He left Monetas, the corporate sponsor of OT. He's still with OT.
[–]yamamushi 4 points  
Were* the corporate sponsor of OT.
[–]mindshards 1 point  
My bad, you're entirely right. I was too quick to hit 'save'. Monetas no longer sponsors OT development.
[–]Fizzgig69 2 points  
What a tease...I'm looking forward to hearing what Chris and the Hushmail guy will do.
[–]Dannysomething 3 points  
Chris will be back in a week or so to answer that very question so keep an eye out.
[–]md01 4 points  
Here is an introduction to the Monetas transaction platform -
[–]randy-lawnmole 3 points  
How does this interact with OT ? or are they now just separate platforms?
[–]fellowtraveler 10 points  
The Monetas platform was originally developed as a proprietary implementation of the Open-Transactions protocol. Here's the OT white paper FYI.
stepped down as CTO from Monetas earlier this year. It was an amicable split, and I remain a key shareholder.
At that time, Monetas generously released all their OT code contributions from the past few years as open source under the MPLv2.
are they now just separate platforms?
Yes. Now that the platforms have started to diverge, for example, they may not necessarily use the same data formats or protocol messages they used before. Etc. They are continuing on with their commercial platform and will alter it however they see fit.
[–]randy-lawnmole 6 points  
Great to know, thanks Chris. Here's hoping Monetas keep releasing some of their code, so both projects can work opensource and in tandem.
[–]bitcoiniac 3 points  
We've got a Monetas sub going on that's starting to get some action. Check it out here:
[–]dpc_pw 2 points  
AFAIK Monetas is built on top of OpenTranscations.
[–]lclc_ 4 points  
Not anymore.
[–]randy-lawnmole 1 point  
Is this why Chris really left ?
[–]bitscavenger 3 points  
Am I correct that this was posted yesterday? is not available and the Github OT project has not been updated for over a year.
I was a huge fan of the OT project but basically stopped paying attention when Chris went to Switzerland and I got busy with other things. I am hoping someone can tell me good news that OT is not stalled out.
[–]GibbsSamplePlatter 7 points  
Soundcloud claims it was posted a day ago.
It's really hard to tell what's going on with OT. Wish someone would ask him directly what's been going on.
[–]edugarbizu[S] 1 point  
Listen to the show and you´ll find the answers
[–]GibbsSamplePlatter 5 points  
I'll listen to it while travelling today and report back with a TL;DR.
[–]bitcoiniac 3 points is working for me
[–]GibbsSamplePlatter 2 points  
Got to the 9/11 Truther stuff and simply closed it.
[–]justusranvier 3 points  
That radio show is produced at Brave New Books, which is a very Austin place.
[–]justusranvier 7 points  
Github OT project has not been updated for over a year
You're probably looking at the wrong repositories.
[–]bitscavenger 4 points  
Ah, thanks. I was hoping that was the case. Good news.
[–]Hecatonk 1 point  
That repo basically shows that Chris is the only one still working on OT, and that he's making maybe a couple commits each month, which indicates the project is basically dead. Is that not a correct assessment?
[–]yamamushi 2 points  
That repo basically shows that Chris is the only one still working on OT
I checked those repos and I see other people making commits, such as myself.
[–]Hecatonk 1 point  
You made a commit 4 months ago. The last commit Chris made was also months ago. This isn't the dev repo of a 100M CHF company. Is Monetas even using OT at all anymore?
[–]yamamushi 3 points  
My last commit most definitely wasn't 4 months ago ->
Open Transactions is stable enough that we are focusing on building tools that use Open Transactions rather than just adding to the platform as we were in the past.
We are also continuing to work on Open Transactions as necessary to fix issues we come across when building our tools. But as you can see, we haven't had to do that lately (which is a good thing).
Monetas is no longer affiliated with Open Transactions.
[–]Hecatonk 3 points  
Are you guys still using bitmessage as the communications layer? Can you provide any info on recent updates to that, because my understanding was that it was a relatively primitive and not-ready-for-industry-usage communications layer implementation.
[–]yamamushi 2 points  
BitMessage has its place within Voting Pools, but it's not a necessary requirement for Open Transactions. Even within Voting Pools we are looking for better solutions than BitMessage, and I am eager to hear about any suggestions anyone has.
[–]Hecatonk 2 points  
There is a requirement of anonymity in the communications there, correct? What future do you see for OT now that it is independent fo corporate sponsorship? Do you think Randy Waterhouse will come back and contribute again?
[–]justusranvier 6 points  
There is a requirement of anonymity in the communications there, correct?
Various parts of the voting pool security model have a requirement that the recipient of a message must have a strong assurance that the sender did not tell other recipients something different than what they heard.
The interaction of Bitmessage's various properties (flooding, encrypted metadata) makes it a good candidate for fulfilling this requirement.
[–]yamamushi 3 points  
Anonymity in the communications, plausible deniability is a plus, and deterministic channels is extremely important.
The ability for us to generate an address for a channel deterministically is probably the most important requirement. Which is why we can't use things like Tox, where the developers laughed me out of their IRC room when I asked about having such a feature (they went off on things like "Buttcoiners" wanting those features).
I think there is some confusion over the security of a deterministic address. In BitMessage having a deterministic address that is used temporarily is perfectly okay because the messages only exist on the network for a short period of time (3 days), and the content we would send over is encrypted anyways despite the encryption BitMessage already provides.
[–]bitcoiniac 3 points  
I hope so! I've got his email, I'll shoot him a message later.
[–]Hecatonk 2 points  
Do you think OT is resistant/vulnerable to the same situation that we saw happen with Ripple, where it could get locked down under an offical centralized repo and start requiring aml/kyc and reporting for customers? I mean, it seems more resistant now that it's "free" of corporate sponsorship, but still maybe vulnerable (?).
[–]yamamushi 2 points  
Nope, but we'll elaborate more on that here in the future very shortly.
I know that's not a very good response, but I wouldn't be working on the platform if I believed we were going to have to worry about compliance issues."

And now, ONWARD, to where the RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD, for any READERS, seeking THE biggest #cryptocurrencies opportunity ever likely to present itself; and you're quite literally one of THE first people, to ever hear about this .... I'm light years ahead of the pack (I set up and ran as the head of it, the UK's first internet based set of barristers' chambers, way back when ... in 1999 :) And I know a thing or two, about cryptography ... having quite literally, written the book on the same: which you can GRAB FREE RIGHT NOW - thanks for subscribing! :)


May no longer be available ANYTIME download NOW if you want it EVER.

Next post if I got this up the pipe, coming right at u part 2

First, take a listen (jump ahead of me ... I'm right behind you on this one):

09-29-15 -- J Neil Schulman - Keith Cyrnek - Chris Odom (MP3 & VIDEO LOADED)

And then, you'll already be aware; if you understand what you're listening to, if you understand, Chris Odom (aka Fellow Traveller to those who know him in the crypto-sphere) has a new startup, and it offers clever EARLY MOVERS, the chance of a CENTURY; the chance, to own the INFRASTRUCTURE of what will become (if I know Chris at all) ... THE FUTURE OF PAYMENTS ON PLANET EARTH.

Get reading:

"Stash Pool. Earn Bitcoin fees without having to pay for hashes.

In Stash, currencies are issued directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain as colored coins. Then when a user wants extremely fast and low-cost transactions—and augmented/enhanced capabilities—he can lock his bitcoins and colored coins on the blockchain using a multisig Stash Pool, and then perform his own transactions off-blockchainusing Open-Transactions signed receipts.

How do these off-blockchain transactions work? The user's client app creates an OT unforgeable receipt, signed with the user's private key, and sends it to a pool for auditing.
The pool nodes verify and sequence user receipts into a hash chain (and Merkle tree) called the receipt chain. Each node audits the receipt chain for the entire pool, and regularly affirms its audit via a multisig confirmation on the Bitcoin blockchain. Similar to Bitcoin mining, Stash nodes earn a Bitcoin fee for every receipt they have verified and added to the receipt chain.

Stash Pool fully integrates Bitcoin into Open-Transactions so that the user's funds are always controlled by the user's own signature. The user always has the power to move his own money by signing with his private key. And he can employ OT's variety of financial instruments for extremely fast and low cost transactions, and for augmented/enhanced capabilities such as scripted smart contracts and bid/ask exchange.

An individual Stash node never receives user funds, nor does it store user funds, nor can it access or transmit user funds. It also cannot forge a user's signature, meaning it cannot falsify a user's receipt, and thus cannot alter a user's balance or reverse a user's transaction."

Grab your balls; get on the learning curve, however steep, for you, and GET GOING my advice! :) TRILLIONS await the brave ... prepared to put in the leg-work, and get busy, and get BIG, and get busy getting big NOW!

If you've been on the moon all week, you'll have missed the ECJ ruling; bitcoin IS a currency ... And also, the MASSIVE price move:

Bitcoin Prices Are Going Dramatically Up... Prophecies


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