Thursday, 26 November 2015


  1. World War 3 is bullshit, the banksters have killed over 2 billion of us, war this is not. genocide it is.
    Tweet text
  2. And why should they not genocide you ?
  3. Have you even raised one finger in anger against them?
  4. You know you are being mass murdered is not enough to stop your covert mass murder; more, is required.
  5. Tidbit in by DM some years ago for your consideration
  6. "Why don't the British people go take the BBC apart brick by brick quite literally that's how the Germans brought down
  7. the Berlin wall" ... I thought it a bit excessive at the time ...
  8. These days I'm less sure, it's excessive. lol
  9. Steve you were one of my first supporters THE first person to successfully donate as I failed to collect the first donation.
  10. What is it you don't get about the legal right of self defence ?
  11. Are you being murdered, or are you just a conspiracy THEORIST ?
  12. And if the former shouldn't you act, to stop your own murder?
  13. I've done all the risking all I'm going to do Steve Been through the 6 days straight torture for you, the 2 hospitalisations.
  14. The latter alone = an effective sentence of around 1month + 2 months ACTUAL = 6 months, if I had committed a crime.
  15. You need a plan my man.
  16. I got tortured a lot more than just those 6 straight days my friend and not always by something human.
  17. You're the one person I never thought I'd have to say this to but I do.
  19. I cannot suggest nor condone the use of violence of course
  20. But do encourage anyone who feels under FATAL attack who can prove it to the satisfaction of a jury to ACT in SELF-DEFENCE.
  21. I've published the dumps on CIA -0 CONGRESS - STATE DEPT - FBI moar CIA - US ARMY
  22. Can't say I haven't put the efforts in this end to get the bad guys wiv BULLET
  23. And If I told you exactly who I was going to cut the head off if they didn't stop persecuting .... MURDERING me
  24. and that I said it to two police officers well now, a certain head of GCHQ is now replaced :)
  25. Some people die easy Biff Me, I'm just not one of them :)
  26. And one now ex-Head of GCHQ still is wiv head <g>
  27. Oh, and definitely worth mentioning I have a clear line these days, even though borrowed off the next door neighbour <g>
  28. I don't sit aroun d being MURDERED not without exercising my LEGAL right to use FATAL force where REASONABLE in self-defence.
  29. I shouldn't have said any of that of course but now, you know.
  30. And I'm going to delete those tweets after publishing them inside the private web; other subscribers, should know, too.


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