Wednesday, 11 November 2015


"Vault to Vault Transfers

Want to hold all of your gold in one specific vault, or would you rather spread it around across multiple locations? It is now easier than ever to hold your Gold precisely where you want to with the launch of BitGold Vault to Vault Transfers.

Vault to Vault Transfers allow you to move your gold from one vault location to another* instantly and securely. Simply select the vault you wish to transfer gold out of, the amount you wish to transfer and the destination vault and for a 1% fee your gold will be transferred instantly. Remember, all customer gold on the platform is fully reserved and physical, so changing the location of titled gold is not just a simple electronic entry. But we understand that managing the location of your gold is still important, so we have developed the tools for you to swap gold across locations for a small service fee."

Invest USD100 and get 5% free (when I signed up); I liked it so much, I befame an affialite; if you missed it before:


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