Monday, 2 November 2015



"Q. Who are they and what do they look like? 

A. The image of the original Sphinx keeps coming forward, and get a relationship between these ETs, and the “cat looking” Sphinx.  These ETs look to have many “cat like” features, but are also humanoid in design.  It was as if the Great Sphinx was originally created to pay some kind of respect and honor to this Cat ET species.

I’m shown that they came from a star system located in Orion’s belt.  They came to Earth to colonize an area, and when the “Dog ET and Cat ET” war came about and they left Earth, a few of the Cat ETs remained and went underground (along with the Reptilians).  The Cat ETs numbers were very small underground, and when things calmed down, and the Cat ETs that originally fled felt safe, they returned to meet with their fellow kind.  "

Notice the potential corroboration .... Orions have feline DNA, as they told me, they do.

NB; I extremely rarely put channeling on because of course, it's a field full of fraudsters, but it is a REAL phenomenon IMNSHO, I've taken direct downloads into my head chakra before, never mind done quantum telepathy (different from channeling, as it's a two way conversation, NOT just one person handing over their brain and hand to an 'entity'.


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