Sunday, 1 November 2015


  1. GODS going to take ONE LOOK at your BURGER & HOTDOG RECORD And send you ALL straight TO HELL FAKE of
  2. sorry bout the double did I do that I did great day to you happy Sunday my friend
  3. Thanks you too NO better day, for real to get busy, dealing with these
  4. so now I'm off bro church and I like technology because I have an online (live)church for now
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  5. I'd better 'fess up then I'm the self-appointed (first ever?) @ this site, which I'm too busy to publish 2 2 much
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  7. We're a missionary church and one of the missions I set myself was to get the world flying 4U 2
  8. 1 down :) c/o Your best friend and mine, Brian Charles aka 04 :)
  9. Kindly let me talk him into getting on with NOW .. in teh ONLY time that exists in the
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  11. get busy Heaven on Earth :) x
  12. Why not have it here as well as after :) :) V
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  13. Just to let you know everything is going to be ok.
  14. We're not going down without a fight and we never lose fights
  15. Sneaky bastards just tricked us both into thinking we'd won when they just got away with the
  16. We're **WELL** onto them *AND* their METHODS
  17. We'll son have 'em this end you too your end xx
  18. Meet a few moar biggest HERO on planet earth meet a couple of 00> > 01> >
  19. Meet a few moar biggest HERO on planet earth moar f 00> >
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  20. Keeps getting jailed in for kissing bulls V
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  21. Animal Sacrifice needs to end
  22. Unless should be Sacrificed fair's fair :)


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