Monday, 2 November 2015


ET/EBE/UFO talk in London already on sight; ananalysis from an interviewer that was there:

The Queen of Harts Revolution Radio

And one of our top blokes for wilder insights into possible realities Miles.

"Published on Oct 27, 2015
The updated shorter advert/promo free version is now unlisted as it is a requirement of using the sound track that all commercials/promos are included

Revolution Radio Studio A, début show for Christine Joanna Hart, featuring Miles Johnston of the Bases Project. Designated Bases 50, but Bases is about the witnesses, and not the investigator.

Chris Hart is a seasoned and extremely well informed journalist, formally at the dizzy heights of Fleet St, London, until the Phone Hacking scandal, was started after she was "left"ed. (Like 'suicided'...involuntary). Chris was a key source for editors and hacks in the newspaper business, until one fine day the hacks thought they could get away without her talents, oh no they couldn't. Chris is slated for a detailed Bases to follow (Bases 50). In the meantime as she premiere's on 'Revolution Radio Studio A', every Monday and Friday, this is a rare 2 hr slot that Miles gave and as such gave some of the collective thinking at the time. (Oct 2015) Steven Greer had just visited London, giving his "alien signal" to 300 people, resulting in trauma and nightmares of horrific human mutilation for many of those who were at the Greer gig, so questions were being asked as to who or what Greer has become. This and more in the "Queen of Harts". A Draco Skinwalker of all things????

Part 1 of 2 Part 2 featuring Christine herself, and so introducing this new radio and investigative talent in this genre"

Bonus; Keiron again

one of the people, who has access to read this blog given by me.

"Published on Oct 28, 2015

Kieron Lee Perrin is a British TI, or Targeted Individual. He has MRI scans showing his large Type 25 implants. Now his latest data is this is an inter-dimensional issue, involving octoforms...spiders. The Super Soldiers are Inter Dimensional Soldiers, where time and coherence logical straight line thinking simply does not work. We have a problem, a BIG ONE. Features a short pre interview, before teh Brussels Targeted Individual Conference, in Nov 2014, where the late Dr Rauni Kilde made her final public appearance before her assassination in early 2015 (She was a 'Gas Lighted' killing). Kieron spoke at the Bases Project International Conference in 2014, and later at Probe (Replacing James Casbolt)
The main camera with the mics ran out of media, that's why we start with "only 30 mins", we had to scram and get to airports and the train. we just finished with the Go Pros. Its why I said thats it..but Kieron wanted to keep going. We didn't have the time. It was time to scram.
Kieron Lee Perrin gives the first "BASES TI" targeted Individuals briefing, startinga new gener in the Bases project, for those who can Prove They ARE TI.
This was recorded during the move into a new facility for the project, and the fun of the Jedi Painters from Croydon started this brief chat with Kieron, as the SD card had only 30 mins of space.
Kieron was to join British TIs in the Brussels Targeted Individual conference later that month (Nov 204). But couldn't make it.
It was here the brilliant Dr Rauni Kilde was to make her final public appearance before death by assination occured later in early 2015. (Rauni fell ill from an aggressive cancer just before Christmas, and was already showing signs at the event).
Just before this edit, Kieron explained for saome hours on the phone how the Super Soldeisr are used in an Interdimensional War, where we are under attack from a shape shifting spider form, that takes over humans ( ref Harald Kautz Vella). The supers soldeirs are on mission. It has been explained to Kieron he is a soldier. The war in other dimesniosn involves massive time differences between this one. So frequently he can suffer from injuries incurred in those dimesnion, with no apparent clue as to how he got them. There is more to be explored here."


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