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Sweden ends its military cooperation with Saudi Arabia in the name of human rights
The with AFP | 03/10/2015 at 8:42 p.m.

"La Suède met fin à sa coopération militaire avec l'Arabie saoudite au nom des droits de l'homme
Le avec AFP | 10.03.2015 à 20h42"


"Sweden decided not to renew its military cooperation agreement signed with Saudi Arabia in 2005, announced Tuesday, March 10 the first Social Democratic Minister Stefan Löfven. "It will be broken," said Mr. Löfven public radio SR from Kiev, about this agreement, which was controversial in the majority left because of the issue of human rights.

In 2014, according to this modest agreement, Riyadh had bought for 338 million kronor (37 million euros) Swedish armament. The coalition of Social Democrats and Greens struggled internally since coming to power in October, for the opportunity to renew the agreement expires in May. The Greens traditionally militate against the sale of weapons to the "dictatorships" and consider that Saudi Arabia is one. As for the Social Democrats, even if they were alone in power at the time when the agreement was initialed, they appeared very divided on the issue."


Also of political note in Europe, we have JORIS DEMMINK back in the net ... ON OATH, again!

"Ex-ministers witness in case Demmink
Thu 29 Oct 2015, 13:02| read for

by Saskia Belleman
Former Minister Opstelten and former Secretary Teeven have to appear as witnesses in the case against the former chief prosecutor, Joris Demmink. That decided the Amsterdam District Court Thursday in proceedings brought by Bart van Well, which claims on its fifteenth sexually abused by Demmink.
 Secretary Teeven
VVD MP Teeven

According to Van Well was the State informed of the existence of a network of pedophiles, which among others Joris Demmink otherwise have been. Well wishes of the State liable for the damage he has sustained, because nothing was done and he was not protected.
Demmink itself needs according to Van Well's lawyer Martin de Witte, also appear as a witness. According to the civil law department of the district court in Amsterdam does not matter that there are already criminal proceedings against Demmink is set for sexual abuse of minor boys.
White is enthusiastic about the decision. "It shows that also can let a private bigwigs by the court hearing." The lawyer will not shun the painful questions, he says. "I'll ask Demmink about his sexual preferences, and also whether he abused my client."


Van Well would be abused in 1988 twice by Demmink, in his official car. Justice launched an investigation into the so-called Rolodexzaak but that was according to White "turned into the soup from above. There were arrested two pimps, but the senior clients went unpunished."
The court rejected a total of up to 12 witnesses. Among them, according to De Witte also ex-cops who were involved in the Rolodexonderzoek, and witnesses say Demmink have seen.
The interrogations took place between March and June 2016 and made public. The men are obliged to appear, and if necessary can be picked up by the police."

Catch up (over 330 posts, to out this particular total SHIT.

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