Sunday, 1 November 2015


  1. There needs to be a change in the way the system works. What do you think?
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  2. There's only one real change that CAN work remove the central bankers power to print
  3. How long would it take anyone to buy up earth if they can just print the funds, to do it with?
  4. What now are we at; less than 100 people, with more than 3.5 billion others fake fiat issuance must end

  5. Honest money capitalism, will sort the rest :)
  6. Creme always rises UNLESS there is FAKE MONEY ISSUED AT NO COST and GIVEN to in
  7. The bailouts should NEVER have occurred, right there, is your COMMUNISM Your take-over.
  8. If really wants to help assassinate all the bankers the police won't arrest K.I.S.S.
  9. Dad bankers don't cause no more wars
  10. Dead bankers don't cause no more wars
  11. The two banks that laundered the FRAUDULENTLY CREATED 15 TRILLION that was then STOLEN per
  12. illegally created it; > laundered it into the US banking system for them
  13. wired the funds, over the the SCUM in > @HSBC who then further laundered it up to
  14. into Royal Bank of Scotland :)
  15. Why doesn't CIA just everyone involved K.I.S.S.
  16. 2. 2012 >< he's got a 110MB USB stick of PROOF
  17. The police haven't even got the balls to QUESTION not even ONE of the bankers involved Did they take PAYOFFS?
  18. If so, why not add them to the list
  19. If took the pay to do law enforcement and took a payoff instead :)
  20. I think the entire would just LOVE to hear about BANKERS FLYING OUT OF WINDOWS in the CITY again
  21. We found it very funny for all their talk they couldn't fly, at all <g>
  22. Most disappointing <gg>
  23. needs a REALLY GOOD **DEEP** cleanout and no law enforcement over here is touching 15 Trillion
  24. Why not Only ONE reason I can think of ;)
  25. Must have thought they were DEAD clever why not make that TRUE
  26. Details on where you'll find the money c>
  27. Just hope a crew over to and snatch the fucks doing the banking for the criminal
  28. And tortured them to death, for the correlations between the numbered accounts and the people
  29. Or of course, they can just hand over the records on the numbered accounts contains the HOLOCAUST payoffs :)
  30. And then all the scum in who thought it was a 'good idea' to play banker to SCUM
  31. And then all of the SCUM who were in on it all enough to have numbered accounts there
  32. Whole world would be a lot nicer, AND a LOT LOT safer, with that lot DEAD
  33. Nothing more dangerous than a bent cop
  34. a bent cop at the top
  35. "What do you think?" You asked Truth is 's reputation couldn't get any lower over here
  36. Assassinate all the SCUM over here that THINK they're ABOVE THE LAW INSTANT reputation TURNAROUND :) :)
  37. Shit, we'd LOVE ya
  38. Which brings me to my next bank these FUCKS we BAILED OUT, they paid themselves BONUSES with it and so
  39. we gave them MORE money to pay COMPENSATION to their VICTIMS with and they STOLE that >> <<
  40. Everyone that was involved in STEALING the money we paid for them to pay to VICTIMS of their CRIMES why now..
  41. Whole of the UK would raise a CHEER to know those CRIMINALS who THOUGHT they were ABOVE THE LAW were
  42. Which is why you had to them LOL
  43. So onto the NEXT bank >> .... 17,000-19,000 accounts involved in mason payments per
  44. Slaughter ALL the bankers involved liewise, world a MUCH safer place and ISIS would have PROBLEMS *BIGTIME*
  45. You want to effect SLAUGHTER the Bankers involved in RUNNING It's FINANCES > <
  46. Which brings me back to ... after the money was laundered up to scumbags, it went to 20
  47. European banks who traded it on the (overnight) market for weeks, NEVER EVER DECLARED the PROFIT
  48. ever ever PAID TAX on the PROFITS (of trading with FRAUDULENTLY CREATED *STOLEN* money) assassinate the lot
  49. That FRAUDULENTLY CREATED by money that subsequently STOLEN money was subsequently put on YOU
  50. It's now on the fed balance sheet per later speech/comment etc US Citizens pay INTEREST on it
  51. GO everyone involved an cancel the 15 trillion out of the system; INCLUDING the profits from it
  52. Every bank involved should go under no exceptions :)
  53. SWo that would make at least the follwoing out of biz asap > > @HSBC > +20


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