Monday, 16 November 2015


And so, do we have a BANKSTERS motive for Paris Attacks, emerging ... give a bunch of terrorists a few million in bitcoin, get them to slaughter a few hundred people, in move the bought out politicians, with demands to outlaw bitcoin??

"Hackers: ISIL Terrorists Linked to Paris Attacks Had $3 Million in Bitcoins

23:51 16.11.2015(updated 00:03 17.11.2015)

GhostSec, a hacktivist off-shoot of Anonymous, has claimed to have followed a chain of transactions and found a Bitcoin wallet containing $3 million which they say is linked to the self-proclaimed Islamic State terror group and Friday’s Paris attacks.

It had previously been reported by Deutsche Welle that the extremist group has been experimenting with currency such as gold and Bitcoin to stay off the radar. One wallet, believed to be in possession of IS affiliates, had received $23 million in Bitcoin in September.

The day after the Paris attack one of the hackers was asked by News BTC whether Ghost Security Group noticed any abnormal activity from IS personnel or if there were any alarming signals.

“Yes, we did detect several indicators of an attack impending and are currently in the process of collecting valuable evidence for United States government officials. I cannot go into more detail at the moment on current investigations,” the GhostSec representative told News BTC.

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