Sunday, 8 November 2015


And so, slightly delayed by the missiles flying around <g> ... Back to EARNING MASSIVE BITCOIN!!!

Third Investment; heads up:
  • No minimum investment - even the tiniest bit of dust you can put to work :) 
  • Withdrawal anytime
  • Instant payments
  • 2.4% per day = 876.00%/year
  • Referral program (5%)
Note: 5% commission on deposit WITHDRAWALS.  So obviously, you need to leave your investment in long enough to make MORE THAN that, otherwise you're throwing your money away. <g>
CAN earn the 5% on the referral program, WITHOUT depositing yourself.

Neat easy way, to get reaming in the bitcoin, even if you're totally broke, and don't have a bean of fake fiat, or bitcoin, to get started with, or of course, per advice in an earlier post, and easy way to spread the load around, so that if any one program goes KAPUT, you're not left, in the lurch! 

As at the time of writing:

0.01 XBT = 3.87644 USD
1 XBT = 387.644 USD 1 USD = 0.00257969 XBT
Mid-market rates: 2015-11-08 04:33 UTC


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