Monday, 16 November 2015


And so, having done a bit of digging around, into how some of the high yield bitcion investments are making their profits, over and above that I'm already getting, I got to this:

I have NOT finished reading the back-end, etc, yet, so cannot be 100% sure I'll be investing, but I like the free 0.0001 #BTC start! ... And thought, so might you; whilst we work out whether this is worth more of our time/BTC.  Why not JOIN ME, and grab your free 0.0001 BTC 

We can work out the rest, as we go along, whilst we're earning bit-dust on the 0.0001 FREE bitcoin! :) :)

Will update this page, once I have an opinion on whether or not this is worth investing anything in.  If you jump ahead, let me know YOUR thoughts -> @censorednewsnow or via the contact form!


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