Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Just a quick note so that none of you need ask in the background; I'm away from my usual location for a few days more; returning early next week.  In effect, I'm 'on holiday' abroad from the UK, last and this week, furiously catching up on quite a few news sources before ploughing back ahead. 

I've got rather a bad bout of returned PTSD at the moment, which is forcing me to take a step back from the usual ... and having to put for the first time in far too long, my own health above all else.  I'll get back on top of it, but frankly the London presentation of Dr Greer (look back a few posts) has given me much cause to think through the week of 3rd-9th May 2014, when I was tortured (and possibly rescued from that torture by a holographic looking spacecraft overhead; to tie it into Dr Greers London presentation), hence, the bad case of PTSD ... usually avoided by utilising the technique of distraction from it (having to think it through, thus, just about the worst thing possible for me, but also, the only way to get more sense out of events of that week).

Thanks for your concern. 

Please also note I've had numerous reports in privately some members in the USA are hearing tones ... be aware, this is/was how my own torture started ...

Here is a bit of advice in from one of our members who has found some level of relief from what may be the up-scaling of the CIA's civilian torture program (as disclosed in detail in a post on this site).  I will be able to put in the usual links to previous posts etc, once back in the UK; at the moment I'm computing on a laptop which unfortunately has a busted screen port; and so I'm struggling to work effectively on a single laptop screen, rather than the usual multi-monitor desktop or multi-monitor laptop setup atm.

Here is the recommendation in from one reader of this blog who is experiencing this program:

""They" sprayed the hell out of us two days ago, I wake up at 2:22 feverish and have a raging flu!"

During the day I kept experiencing high pitch "hums", on and off, so I got my piece of orgonite and held it up to my ear and within seconds it stopped. Every time it started again I used the orgonite."


 Its about 2 1/2 inches around and 1 1/2 inch tall, you can make your own:(~_~)


"WOW, today they are turning the high frequency "Hum" off and on, every half hour or so. The orgonite really stops it from entering my head! Get some, Censi!!! <3"

Messages received over the period 8th - 11th October 2015.

Good luck everyone.


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