Sunday, 18 October 2015


And so, in from self-confessed good guy mason & lodge head, a site which in so many ways confirms so much of the content on this site; the paedo-sadism (#OpCLEANSWEEP), AND the ILLUMINATI CRYPTO-CRACKING (911 Deciphered LIVE), and throwing even me at the moment, a connection to ORION (see ORION BLUE FIRE COMMAND).

"Free Masons in a Nutshell

I will forgo a detailed narrative describing the origin of this macabre organization except to say Masons date unofficially to about 1350 and officially to 1500 parallel with 1530 secession of the Church of England from the Vatican.
The Free Mason compass and square are equinox and solstice, their G logo identified with 7 triptych derivative of the eight primary stars of Orion. Masons are a Bifurcated Judaism Orion construct and bait recruitment and pledge elite solidarity on sadoperversion and the bearded Aphrodite.

Scottish Rite and LDS are Mason satellites..."  Continues.

Flight 77

London 77

Oslo 77 kids slaughtered

7 = G

77 = GG



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