Sunday, 4 October 2015


I've been hit covertly by microwave weapons, here's what WORKS! :)

USA hit:

fyi; when I was getting hit by microwave covertly and worked it out; what worked, 4-8 sheets of baking foil, folded into a helmet :)
Stopped the microwaves, peachy peachy :)
Any sign of a head-ache coming out of nowhere; don tin foil hat, and survive it, whilst the morons around you, call you a 'tin foil hat' <g>
And get the brain damage :)
Test it; if you get the storming head-ache out of nowhere, don hat, my headache went within two minutes.

I took the tin foil hat back off; on came back, the headache.

Time to look silly, if necessary; and KEEP YOUR BRAIN INTACT members!

Grab 4-8 folds worth of tin foil and keep it on you always, from now on, my advice.


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