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"October 26 2015


Category 5 Hurricane out of the news, because it DID NOT HAPPEN. There was not even a category 1 hurricane in Mexico ANYWHERE, and the lack of news proves it. Hurricanes cannot just hit an "unpopulated section of coastline" anywhere on earth, they are so huge that no matter what, there is notable damage from even a category 1 every time, no matter where it makes landfall. Scammers want you to believe Mexico is just a bunch of bush wackers totally out of touch with no roads to them and no way to get in to inspect damage. FOR THE RECORD: Mexico has a coastal highway and TOTAL ACCESS to all possible landfall zones for this hurricane. Lack of photos proves it did not happen.

Why would they fake a hurricane? Because even though this hurricane is certifiably fake, it will hit the record books as real so records kept by the U.S. will say there was a "category 6" to accomplish a political agenda. These fake records will now be used to push the climate change scam and they WILL affect policy that will have a major impact on the way the world handles energy.

They can't get their carbon tax and climate tyranny in place legitimately, and this hurricane proves that if they have to lie to get it, they will.

FOR THE RECORD: The pictures that were posted everywhere for this hurricane that showed it swallowing half of Mexico were FAKE. The Mexican TV showed a true time lapse of the real hurricane, which at it's peak had a tiny weak eye and clouds which barely extended inland a short distance. It then totally dissipated 100 miles out over the ocean and the so-called "hurricane" was nothing but a cloud bank when it hit shore. The mega cane pictures we all saw, pictures which even got published in a few Mexican papers were a hoax someone drafted on a computer. The real hurricane never looked like that, EVER.

If anything could give people ammo to question the legitimacy of American information gatekeepers such as the USGS and NOAA, this fake hurricane is it, anyone can drive down to that region of Mexico and call foul. Any category 5 hurricane of even a small size would have smashed both Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta in one whack, hurricanes are not thunder heads or tiny little weather systems that can selectively target a small village and die when they hit a lonely mountain in the middle of nowhere with no consequence anywhere else. The stupidity of the scammers fronting this hurricane lie is beyond the casual and well into the realm of insult.

FOR THE RECORD, FINAL WORD: THIS HURRICANE HIT NEAR MANZANILLO, WHICH IS AN ABSOLUTELY GIANT PORT, THE ENTIRE PACIFIC INTAKE / OUTPUT FOR MEXICO. THIS PORT IS WELL CONNECTED, WITH ROADS GOING NORTH SOUTH AND EAST, TO CONNECT THIS PORT WITH THE REST OF MEXICO VIA TRUCKING. THERE WAS NO "REMOTE REGION" FOR THIS HURRICANE TO BASH INTO AND VANISH. God, the "remote stretch of shoreline village victim" lies are pathetic, a major road goes right up the coast with uber rich mansions and resorts dotting a huge portion of the coast between Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta!"

We DID tell you, this HURRICANE, was an altogether MAGJICK affair :) 

Were we wrong?

UPDATE Nove 2nd 2015


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