Sunday, 18 October 2015


The Norway freemason Oslo 77 (kids slaughtered) 110 (11) injured attack I deciphered live over twitter many, many months ago (years?).  Here we have respected assassination and conspiracy facts researcher Ole Dammegard on Truth Jihad radio exposing the same.   My emphasis in red below; great to see the world is finally waking up to who is truly behind the massacre of children in Norway; and which criminal organisation is running ALL of the false flag operations across the world; the MONOLITHIC RUTHLESS CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY, of which Kennedy spoke SEVEN days (G) before his death at the hands of that very VAST GLOBAL COVERT CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY out to enslave EVERY man woman and child on earth (pray tell me if ALL HUMANS are ENSLAVED, what was kennedy telling the entire planet about who REALLY runs this conspiracy WITH THEIR HUMAN HELPERS; secret societies ... you can still do LOGIC can't you regular readers of  .... The White Rabbit! ;-)

"TRUTH JIHAD: 7-22-11 Norway shooting exposed! World’s biggest “lone nut” false flag

Another Zio-NATO black op

Guest Ole Dammegard exposes the 2011 massacre in Norway.
 The world’s biggest and most obvious false flag was the coup d’état of September 11th, 2001. But the biggest and most obvious false flag ever attributed to a lone nut was the massacre of 77 people in Norway on July 22nd, 2011.

The official story claims that “Anders Breivik acted alone.” But survivors of the massacre on Utoya Island, which annihilated the anti-Zionist leadership of the youth wing of the Norwegian Labor Party, reported there were multiple gunmen. Like the Charlie Hebdo publicity stunt in Paris last January, the 2011 massacre in Norway appears to have been a Gladio B operation by the usual freemasonic crime network, using virtually the same methodogy as in dozens of other false flag terror operations. The purpose was to punish Norway and its Labor Party for two policy breaches: Refusing to join NATO’s war on Libya, and moving toward a full boycott of Israel."  Continues.

I haven't had a chance to listen to this myself yet, which is not to say if this is news to you, you shouldn't jump right in ahead of me.

Freemasons behind SLAUGHTERING CHILDREN; never cry the brainwashed!  They're all just good charity fundraisers and it's a benign organisation that's in no way criminal .... So who is this then, wearing what?

See original image
Anders Breivik - Freemason
I'm moving a little too fast, see last post.  More on which once I'm back in England.

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