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Bases 43 Angela Power Disney, Witness Part 1

Angela Power Disney was one of the survivors of a child hunt, when released to run for her life as very young child, so the Reptilians at a Wiltshire base could have the joy of the "hunt" Co-Investigation by Cathi Morgan. Recorded in Oldcastle, Republic of Ireland. Part 1 of 6. Angela's sister has just been murdered, and the matter is in the hands of the Wiltshire Police. Irish Republicanism meets the RAF, pedofiles, nonhumans, and Jimmie Saville is this as well.

Bases in Ireland continues with the deatiled discussion with Cathi Morgan and Angela Power-Disney, getting down to the "arrangement" at the end of WW2, with the German pysch scientists coming to Britain and Ireland. MK-Ultra and the various suster programs are further discussed. Part 2 of 6

Angela is a survivor of the "alien child hunts" in the Wiltshire Bases. Details of the mind control centre for Northern Ireland, north Salisbury, Old Sarem, are one of the subjects raised in this very intense researcher's series.

Bases 43 Angela Power-Disney (Witness) Part 3

Now we engage RAF Wegberg (germany), and the continued WW2 transgenetic populaion control programs. With Cathi Morgan, and Miles Johnston in Ireland. This witnesses's statement continues. Are you Gay, what is your sexuality, are a manipulated person... but by what? Also see John Urwin...limiting the human population to extinction. Highly complex issues. Time to grow up, let alone wake up. If you are "human"

Bases 43 Angela Power-Disney Witness Part 4

Angela and Cathi dive down into the Rudloe Manor and other RAF base issues. Rudloe now a civilian site.. but all those years ago, the children were hunted. Part 4 of 6. Considerable detail, so once again pay attention, there is great deal of fine information, with massive impliactions.

Bases 43 Angela Power-Disney Witness Part 5

Angela's witness testimony continues in this final part recorded in Ireland, with co investigator Cathi Morgan. This has already prompted more witnesses to come forward, which we hope to have as a future Bases witness. Part 6 is a May update, and has important news about family members of Angela's, for police use.


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