Thursday, 15 October 2015


Notice the plasma ball .... notice, in the second explosion, the primary (small) blast, followed by the PLASMA BALL (again) ... some may think this is an arms dump going bang; the wiser, see covert mini/micro-nukes being used AGAIN ...?

Another Massive Explosion Followed By Powerful Shockwave After Saudi Airstrike Knocks Sanaa Yemen

"Published on May 17, 2015

Yemen War 2015 - Another Massive Explosion Followed By Powerfull Shockwave After Saudi Airstrike Knocks Sanaa Yemen. Another Saudi led air strike on a Houthi rebel weapons depot in Sanaa, Yemen caused a huge blast followed by a big shockwave in the Yemenis capital. This is the third explosion of this kind caused by Saudi arabia knocking the city . This happened on Sunday."

If you've not yet taken the time to read in detail AND ABSORB the 'Nuclear Education" series published by Veterans Today, you're well overdue.

You must be able to spot a mini/micro-nuke detonation; because almost all around you if one goes off will NOT be able to do so; and you must be able to make your own plan of escape from the zone, perhaps despite, rather than with the assistance of, your local brainwashed police &/or military, who may still be completely unaware of the fact that 350 nukes were backdoored by Scherf, and no one to this day, seems to know where they are.

I helpfully published this page on our currently still free/open access blog at this location:


It takes time to read and absorb the contents of what at times can be extremely complex data, but that is time you will not have, if you are unfortunate enough to ever be close enough to one of these mini/micro-nuke detonations.

Be prepared; for anything!


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