Wednesday, 21 October 2015


"We reviewed what we felt confident we knew. Some mystery radio on Spirit was able to transmit to earth in a fraction of the time it would have taken for a radio signal to reach earth. The radio had a modest bandwidth. The data being transmitted by this radio included rover status, science data, and thumbnails of current imagery. The data quickly made its way from radio server to data server where two data reviewers viewed the data, seemed to select some of these images for remote deletion, selected others for unknown transformations, and then deleted all the temporarily downloaded data. A query sent to the radio server appeared to be able to request and almost immediately get (at speeds faster than light) a status report from the rover..."

Part Comment:

"...Lastly, THANK YOU. Like I said, we needed this. There is no rational excuse for public agencies to be censoring these images and hiding the discovery of FTL communication. By bringing this information to light, you have performed a service to this country and the world."


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