Monday, 5 October 2015


Uuuuurrrrmmmm ....

"Ways the matrix has been tweaked almost all will know. Snow white: 1. Mirror Mirror on the wall is now "Magic Mirror on the wall", I kid you not. 2. Mister Rogers: It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood is now "It's a beautiful day in your neighborhood. Creepy. 3. Darth Vader: Luke, I am your father, I am your father luke now is "No, I am your father". 4. The infamuous Berenstain bears, which always really was Berenstein. 5. Sex in the city really was "sex in the city" and now is "sex and the city". 6. Looney Toons is now Looney Tunes. Does not even make sense that way, UPDATE: The old dictionaries still have the correct version of "toon" in print. 7. Interview with a vampire is now: Interview with the vampire, which totally messes up the entire theme to boot, because it singles out the vampire as being the only one, when that is not the case. 8. Dirty Harry: Do you feel lucky, PUNK, which gave rise to the entire "I'm feeling lucky and "do you feel lucky" memes because it flowed smoothly is now the clumsy: "Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?" 9. Here's a super creepy one: If you build it, they will come, which supported the entire field of dreams movie theme is now "If you build it, he will come! and I distinctly remember the giant Jesus statues of Peru and Brazil as being just short of 400 feet including looking up the stats on the one in Peru, which was just over 380 feet, and now both are less than 120 feet. Odd. It is as if I have been dragged and dropped into a different timeline, something is seriously amiss and I am not the only one to notice these things. And if you look closely at science, there are tweaks there as well. In describing volcanic eruptions, "pyroclastic flow" is now "pyroplastic flow". This is not only limited to movies. It makes no difference if you go watch the new versions if the timelines really have been tweaked, because in this timeline, the new version is reality. Another example: In my original timeline, electricity moved the speed of light, and even high speed electronic circuits had runs and wires set to precise lengths according to the speed of light. If this was not done, circuits that were very high frequency would malfunction. In this timeline, electricity moves many times faster than the speed of light , and within realm of measurement appears to be instant. Now it seems they pay less attention to run lengths on motherboards with inductive reactance being the main consideration. Very odd."


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