Tuesday, 22 September 2015


  1. FOLLOW >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  2. here ... :) 15 TRILLION LOOTED by
  3. used to commenton the old blog under (now privater web)
  4. Having a six day torturing via satellite and an

  1. hehe IAmStillHere :)
  2. Soon they, shall not be :)
  3. I have for you from :)
  4. now downed grab ASAP from MY mirror of the original data >> DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS :)
  5. aka science :)
  6. >> ANTI-GRAVITY ;) :) Come fly with me hehehehehe V
  7. You'd better read this intel Corp endorsed WHISTLE-BLOWER 911 > ~Kennedy got it RIGHT :)
  8. Good luck David
  9. Thanks for everything you've done to try get the show on the road
  10. Just the slaughtering of the traitors left to go :)
  11. ps all the following graphics/data in also from Brian Charles a hint, take it;
  12. on your problem Brian =the specialist on DUMBS:) (wrote the book Deep Underground & Undersea Military bases)
  13. That's where some of the 15 trillion went I asked for confirmation he was telling me that pic = Patriots in/ coffins out;
  14. His reply yes. You're in DEEP shit buddy.
  15. Rothschild been in China, quite some time, and obviously, he's been busy .... not even had time to glance in that data.
  16. 3 in from (or ) also worth spreading c encoded download links
  17. + one rather extremely useful pic/data ... via
  18. via > HEROES > xx
  19. Brian dumped about 50 GB at me all available still via the private web but all the ones required to go slaughtering the traitor
  20. I count 41 just sent over the last 38 minutes my end 2U


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