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August 18. 2015
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Steve Greer

NSA confirms signals from Outer Space - 50 years ago !

Message from Dr. Greer - August 2015 re NSA document.
Over 50 years ago the NSA confirmed coded ET signals and made a report on it. See :  or

So why is SETI pretending to search? A NASA member of our group asked a very senior SETI official in the 1990s at NASA Ames research center and the SETI official confirmed: It is to create a "smokescreen" to make it LOOK like scientists are searching for ET when they know we are already being visited! It is, in fact, a cover story. 

This conveys (by logical implication) to the mainstream media , the public and the rest of the elite scientific community that ETs are not here, UFOs are not real- because after all REAL scientists are still searching for a radio signal! 

Moreover, why would other ET races need to use speed of light radio signals? Any advanced species would use super-luminal (faster than speed of light) technologies, and everyone at NSA, CIA and NRL (Naval Research Labs, Washington DC) knows this. One of the top-ranked scientists at NRL confirmed that they (at NRL ) had experimented with such super-luminal systems but that they have not declassified the technology. And so the SETI two-step continues with an injection of $100 million of new funding...

(Please note:  
The organization Dr. Greer formed in 1990 is CSETI - Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence

The now private organization recently in the news is: SETI - Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. )

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