Friday, 4 September 2015


20 November 2014 targeted individuals (ti), victims of mind control, organized their first conference in the world to alarm about mind control and covert harassment. That technology is at least 60 years old and hidden behind secret physics. That makes it difficult to detect and protect against mind control.

The secret physics are scalar waves, an unknown type of waves detected by Nikola Tesla for more than 100 years ago. Scalar waves have totally different qualities compared to electromagnetic waves. Scalar waves are kept secret because they describe how to use free energy (neutrinos) and because they are used to control humans mind, brain and body.

Scalar Waves used in Mind Control

The aims of the Covert Harassment Conference 2014:

- To challenge general ignorance, governments denial and mainstream media silence regarding the development and existence of the sophisticated spectrum of harassment methodologies and bio-electromagnetic technology (a.k.a. mind-control technology), capable of not only influencing the human body, behaviour, emotions and cognitive processes, but also torturing and/or killing at the speed of light without leaving any evidence.
- To raise awareness and inspire reflection among the public on these human rights violations committed non-consensually and covertly on innocent civilians.
- To stimulate the debate at the European and world level, forming a basis for international legislation and policies addressing the use of remote technology weapons and/or methodologies, including: thought reading and thought control technologies, directed energy weapons (DEW), gang stalking (a.k.a. organized stalking) and ensuring citizens' protection.
- To prompt recognition and acknowledgement of the stories of targeted individuals, instead of ignoring them and often labelling as 'crazy'.
- To engender independent investigations into mind-control experimentation related crimes.

- To encourage everybody to look for the solutions to protect citizens against the crimes committed with the use of these remote technology weapons and/or methodologies and diligently promote the care for victims of stalking crimes who have limited resources or avenues for a safe environment.
Thank you Peter Mooring and his team for making that important conference happening!


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