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Finally finding some of the right language to be able to search for the sort of thing (one of them, at least) that was going on, whilst I was subject I believe, 3rd-9th May 2014, to not only satellite attacks, but also interdimensional attacks ... 

Some of the developing language; military:

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


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Some of the developing language; spiritual


I got to here:

"But demons – Neg entities if you will, hyperdimensional manipulation – working through people. It’s a point I’m going to get back to in a moment, as it’s something not mentioned in much of the gang stalking material I’ve read so far.)"

And for a walk on the wild side ... whilst deleting the SPAM, including the email from a list I've been trying to get off, for years (long story):

"Hi All,

It took me awhile, but I finally finished this transcript for a 1980 interview with psychic Jacques Nietzermann.  Please note that this is only the first interview. In 1987 he modifies his encounter-prediction to September 28, 2015, to be precise.  Nothing happened of any not e in 2012 because that was not the year, and he obviously was able to see beyond 2012 eventually - something he could not yet do in 1980. 

So, here is the first transcript.  There is much controversy about whether this is a hoax or not.  It is not, as I have found researchers who dug up stuff on him from France.  More on that later.

The transcript from his other , later interviews will be posted as soon as I get them done.


Transcript of 1980 Interview with Jacques Nietzerman

Video Link:

I moved here in California because in my home town in France they use to call me "the psychic".  I use to make a lot of revelations and one of them in particular came to pass and - I won't talk about it but - I had to leave the country.  So, 20 years ago, I moved to California, and I feel good here.

(Interviewer's question or comments were edited out of this video.  The transcri pt is only of
Nietzerman's responses. - Di)

No, no. That would really be science-fiction. Actually, I work with images. That time, I saw a man walking on the Moon. He got there in a rocket. You have to remember that it was in 1950. I was just 10 and had the imagination of my age. And that time: a rocket and a man walked on the Moon. I kept telling my parents: "Men will walk on the Moon in 1969." They laughed of course, but guess they were touched as well. But they were laughing.

Yes, I still have images and very strong ones concerning nuclear energy. Energy from oil is coming to an end. We saw what happened the last few years, wo we are moving towards nuclear energy, and nuclear energy will bring us many disasters, especially in USSR where I predict a major disaster before the end of this decade - a major disaster that will make us reconsider the use of nuclear energy.

We'll have electric cars. We'll have them very soon. I think around the year 2000, my favorite era as you know, in 2000 - 2005, cars running on oil will be gone. We'll have electric cars and I think we'll have - maybe not in the mainstream yet, but I think we'll have a solution for the flying car, the magneti c car. I see that very clearly.

That's rather fuzzy, but one thing is for sure, within the decade after the year 2000, America will be under attack.
No, no, no, I'm not talking about an attack on foreign soil.  I'm talking about an attack on American soil.  It'll be a new Pearl Harbor.  I see cities like Los Angeles, and primarily New York being bombed, and it will happen within the decade following the year 2000.  That's unequivocal.

No, but, as I told you, in the next 10 years the Eastern Block won't exist anymore, so at the beginning of 2000 they'll be our allies.    We won't talk about the Soviet Block anymore. 

No, no.  It`s clear that the causes of these attacks, the causes of these conflicts will be energy, that`s obvious. War for oil will start soon, very soon, second reason: religious issues. We`ll return to religious wars.

Yes, this change will be a popular revolution, a revolution beause the American people w ill elect between 2005 and 2012 a black man as President of the most powerful country in the world. A black man will be the most powerful man on the
planet. This change will be pushed by a popular movement. The people will rally behind this man, like he was - maybe not the Messiah,  but some kind of savior.  The spirit of change for an America that will have suffered.

The world in 100 years? I constantly try to see it, but the thing is - I don`t see anything for those years.  As for my psychic visions go, I don`t see anything after 2012. I don`t have any flash, I don`t have any image after 2012. There is a reason
why I don`t see anything after 2012. I`ve had images e ver since I was a kid, so, either it is the year of my own death.  It`s probable, hopefully not.  Or -  (here he becomes quite uncomfortable and makes several attempts to come out with what
he wants to say. - Di)

The problem is, I also see the - I also see the - the encounter, the - I don`t know how to put this, but - I don`t know how to put this.  We`ll probably meet other people.  Yes, an encounter - (draws a deep breath, and speaks in a rush with a trace of fear in his voice. - Di) - an alien encounter.  There! I said it. I suspect that`s what you came here for. 2012 is the year of the encounter.  (Later, in a 1987 interview, he modifies the encounter date to September 28, 2015. - Di)

I doubt "exciting." The thing is, they`ll be so advanced.  Imagine.  They`ll come from another part of the galaxy. For now, we`ve only reached the Moon.

Happy? Happy how?

Listen to me. We will be visited by creatures much more powerful than we are. There will be winners and losers in this encounter. We will be the losers, and if I don`t see anything beyond 2012 it is for a very obvious reason. It`s because mankind will vanish then!

OK, that`s enough.  We`re done here.

Abruptly gets up and ends the interview."

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